Decided to actually put together an outfit today. Bit of a beachy flower child vibe going on. Last day I can put my hair in a bun before THE BIG CHOP.

I will admit that seeing them with their perfectly put-together pastels and popped collar made me lower the blinds so they wouldn’t see me working with my overgrown unbrushed hair, fuzzy robe, and lack of bra.

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Though this is apparently their first house and it’s (checks) more than twice the price of ours? So I guess that... makes sense.

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Just saw the new neighbors and while I’m sure they’re perfectly nice, they are perhaps the Preppiest Pair I’ve ever seen in my entire life hahahaha

Starting to forget what having a neck that isn’t stiff and sore felt like.

Neck, all I did was sit kind of funny for an hour or two while playing Switch Tuesday evening, why are you STILL giving me shit over it???

I only managed to get 50 transplants in the ground, which is less than half, but still a lot of plants.

Turns out digging 32 holes and planting 32 plants is kind of tiring.

Also: I’m glad to see this plant bounce back after it got crushed by roofing tiles a while back.

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A coworker of mine HAS an official 32-hour work week so she has more time with her kids, but that just means she’s actually averaging around 40 hours instead of 45-50.

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My aspirational fantasies have become mundane things like “What if I found a job that couldn’t afford to pay my current salary, but offered me 20% less for a 32-hour work week as a compromise? That’d sure be nice...”

*Exhausted Singing* “Workin’... 9 to 10! 💀”

I stopped by Twitter just long enough to discover Long Boi, then decided to log off because I knew in my bones that it would only go downhill from there if I kept going.

I was a little worried that my tomatoes hadn’t grown much since their last pot up (aside from one over-ambitious Sungold) but their growth has thankfully started picking up again. They were pretty root-bound when I potted them up, so I’m guessing they just needed some time to adjust and recover.

My “I’m going to obsessively order native plants starts because my life feels out of control and I’m hyper-fixating on this to cope” phase earlier this year has caught up with me. How the HELL am I supposed to plant 100+ plants in a weekend, why did they all have to ship the same week???? 🙃

I worked 14 hours yesterday and today’s going to be another long one, I’m so tired 😩. The curse of an unexpected sick day in peak busy period!!!

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