Ben just tried to use voice commands to stop the kettle whistling, TWICE, if you want some idea of how his day is going.

Blaseball 👁 👁 

@yeshomo Update: I DO NOT LIKE THIS 👁 👁

@hauntedsuburbs Update: Beat Meg on my sixth run, and then embarrassingly died to a pile of skulls a few chambers later.

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@hauntedsuburbs I started Hades! Made it to Meg on the third try and she wiped the floor with me hahaha

Finished Spiritfarer! My average cries per week is about to go WAY down.

@yeshomo Our party is very good and very October Appropriate. Looking forward to you joining late or else not joining and just winning again I guess.

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Ben literally booed at the end of season one after the kiss hahahaha

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I’m tolerating all the teenage love triangle nonsense much better this time around, though, because I’m watching it with that Season Four Dinner Scene in the back of my mind.

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We’re watching Korra (first time for Ben) and upon finishing season one I learned that Ben, too, thinks Mako kind of sucks. Reader: I felt relieved and vindicated!

Oh wow my stomach does NOT like sriracha 😖

All these itty bitty peppers and, like, you REALIZE it’s almost winter, right, plant? You couldn’t do this a couple of months ago or something?

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One of my pepper plants has apparently decided “Yes, mid-October is the PERFECT time to finally start fruiting!” 😑

@yeshomo That whole thing was a RIDE. (Also, what IS the the name of that one player in your shadows???)

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@yeshomo Not sure if you were Blaseballing again last night, but: what a night for the Shoe Thieves! You were everybody’s heroes. 👟🤜🥜

Another night, another round of crying over Spiritfarer! I don’t think any game has ever made me cry this much.

I’d wondered if there would ever be a passenger departure in Spiritfarer that wouldn’t wreck me, and I’m now almost positive the answer is a resounding yes. I’m eager to get this colossal asshole off my damn boat ASAP. He said he was ready to leave and I said “I think that’s for the best 😒”

Butternut squash soup and salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing 😎

How many times is Spiritfarer going to make me cry? That was bordering on ugly cry levels tonight, oof.

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