Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Same-Sex Romances -

CD Projekt RED also teased "many" bisexual romance options.

Lack of Diversity in Games Like ‘Daily Racism’ for Minority Players, Says Study -

The results of this study are astonishing 😮

BioWare RPG Anthem Officially Delayed to 2019 -

The delayed RPG promises exploration, combat with monsters, co-op gameplay, character customization, and more.

League of Legends: Is Fiora the Next LGBTQ Character? -

"League of Legends hints that Fiora is the game's next LGBTQ character by adding some interesting voice interactions during the Swain rework update."

We Happy Few Female Character Teased as Game is Delayed to Summer -

We Happy Few is a survival/exploration game about an alternative version of post-war Britain.

Quantic Dream Denies Allegations of Being a Toxic Workplace -

Accused developer David Cage says "You want to talk homophobia? We work with Ellen Page who is fighting for LGBT right."

Social RPG Gaydorado Bringing Gay Romance to iOS and Android Soon -

Gaydorado is described as a "social RPG, dress-up and mobile story game hybrid"

Games Industry Diversity Problem is Worse Than You Expected -

Just 56% of developers say that diversity initiatives are being properly enforced.

BBC Report Addresses Games Industry's Problem With Racial Diversity -

"Leading games industry figures address the games industry's problem with racial diversity, revealing what companies can do to better represent players."

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