Some insightful comments about academics and the worth of a GPA towards the end of Avi's segment here.

Comp Sci major, Math minor, CyberSec minor...

Same computer. Same OS. Same browser. Same network. Same IP. Every time.

The one thing Firefox and XFCE can never agree on: which file manager to open.

I can however imagine the XR model being relatively popular with industry and academia.

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Not sure what HTC's game plan is with the new Cosmos line-up. There is a significant gap in the market for a mid-range outside-in tracking headset. The Cosmos Elite at $900, while still shipping with the wand controllers, does not fill that gap. Mild language warning, but perhaps the most important video ever made on lobbying.

Seeing a lot more "expired" courses that you can't view archived anymore on edX. Very unfortunate.

The UNet replacement couldn't come soon enough... once again dealing with inconsistent behavior across platforms (Windows&Linux).

I do have some QoL improvements in mind, but I am not a hex editing wizard (yet).

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No one can tell me that the NES version of Monopoly isn't the definitive version.

Recently ordered a GCW Zero-like device. Was very impressed to see very playable (albeit abandoned) ports of SRB2, might take a crack at it myself when 2.2 finally releases.

Love to program for computers and lose 4h of debugging to a one liner 😂😭😶

College leaving me pretty strapped for time on grad school applications. Wish me luck!

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