Why would I want to continue an assignment I've already turned in? I want to review it, but I cannot exercise this option.

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Sounds like I'm going to need some divine intervention to do well on this final.

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I have a recorded score on an older assignment yet it says I have never attempted it, meaning I cannot review my work. I could retake the assignment since its due date has not technically elapsed, but if it had I wouldn't be able to see the assignment it all.

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Cengage MindTap is currently the bane of my existence. A ten question assignment loads in each question individually, which depending on how your internet is feeling can take upwards of 5 seconds. Mine is currently stuck loading a single question. People are paid to develop this.

Same computer. Same OS. Same browser. Same network. Same IP. Every time.

The one thing Firefox and XFCE can never agree on: which file manager to open.

I can however imagine the XR model being relatively popular with industry and academia.

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Not sure what HTC's game plan is with the new Cosmos line-up. There is a significant gap in the market for a mid-range outside-in tracking headset. The Cosmos Elite at $900, while still shipping with the wand controllers, does not fill that gap.

youtube.com/watch?v=cHQYyYSZdv Mild language warning, but perhaps the most important video ever made on lobbying.

Seeing a lot more "expired" courses that you can't view archived anymore on edX. Very unfortunate.

The UNet replacement couldn't come soon enough... once again dealing with inconsistent behavior across platforms (Windows&Linux).

I do have some QoL improvements in mind, but I am not a hex editing wizard (yet).

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No one can tell me that the NES version of Monopoly isn't the definitive version.

Recently ordered a GCW Zero-like device. Was very impressed to see very playable (albeit abandoned) ports of SRB2, might take a crack at it myself when 2.2 finally releases.

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