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Here is a link for helping make a new anime producing system that doesn't forget about but empowers animators! Boost this to spread the word

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Shut up about the 6th, do your job, and get us healthcare. Oh that's right you don't work for us, but the Wall St. Imperialists, and are completely illegitimate just like your teammates in the duopoly.

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Just in: China has ordered platforms to ensure food delivery riders earn above minimum wage, that riders be freed from unreasonable demands placed upon them by algorithms, and that these workers have access to social security and a place in a union. 1/

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I like how if you remove the names and dates you can’t tell which President is in the headlines, behaving like a criminal. Let’s see your guesses below.

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Hey Cuba, remember Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine? Keep resisting the US offers for a new way of running your country. Mississippi is an impoverished hellhole and LA is a homeless encampment. Red or Blue neoliberalism is still oligarchy.

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As the end of the eviction moratorium looms, millions of Americans are at risk of losing their homes.

Instead of doing something to solve this crisis, Joe Biden decided to bomb Somalia & Afghanistan this week.

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@jimmy_dore is right on this one for sure!

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So incredible to see NYC showing it’s support of Check out the full page ad in the New York Times tomorrow signed by more than 400 people declaring that it’s time for the US to Let Cuba Live!! @DiazCanelB @siempreconcuba @PedroPedrosoC @PrensaLatina_cu @POTUS @NNOCuba

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Vietnam trying our best to contain covid19: "it's actually bad 'cause muh freedom! Muh human rights! Opression! Repression!"

Capitalist countries failed to contain the virus: "it's actually good! I have muh freedom to not wear masks!"

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🇨🇺 Let Cuba Live! Over 400 politicians, intellectuals, clergy, artists, activists & ex-heads of state call Biden to immediately lift Trump's 243 sanctions on Cuba.
Full page ad in the NYT tomorrow @answercoalition @codepink

Visit to sign the petition.

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Coming from an American who saw hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters that devastated areas for years, China’s amazing responses to their floods is nothing short of amazing.

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Blaming unvaccinated people and conspiracy theorists for your country's problems is the shitlib version of blaming poor people and immigrants for your country's problems. It's false, it's dumb, and it's very convenient for those who are actually causing your country's problems.

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Caleb explaining what the Synthetic Left is about right now

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The Trostkite demand for "worker's democracy" is little more than the imperialist democacy myth from a stand point of western chavanism and classism rebranded in socialist terms.

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