I'm going to a cave today with my son and we are going to have all the fun

Is GeoMatt on here? Did NaziTara red pill him with heavily filtered selfies?

Going to the aquarium tomorrow, for every boost this gets I will stand next to a stranger, pause and then say, “Do you think sharks have religion?”

Batman is a cop. But also he's a billionaire. When we guillotine him we have to sew his head back on and guillotine him again I don't make the rules

My edibles just kicked in. Retoot to spread awareness that I am high.

Ok. I've moved past horned up. Ready to be smart again.

underrated feature of this site: no one says "binch" like an annoying twee dipshit

Watch this video if you want to see a sleepy cat enjoying the sun.

boost to make me get out of bed and go to my psych appointment


Trying really hard to not be horny on main

I like men with beards, but this is enough guys. No more

@JaciMasonic you read my mind—a skill that we’ll teach next week on the Shop, utilizing a little more than your cast-away mercury basin and a silver mirror

Today on Surreal Recipe Shop we’ll be recycling our used teeth to make a variety of baked goods

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