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2. Labelling the efforts of workers fighting for better working conditions as a “pyramid of shit” is telling. (Uber execs illustrated challenges through a “pyramid of shit”, with “driver lawsuits,” “regulatory investigations,” “administrative procedures,” & “direct litigation”)

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Excellent study that does not just examine how Google may have been sharing extensive personal data via RTB with Rutarget, an adtech/data firm owned by state-owned Sberbank, but more broadly, how Google shares data with hundreds of firms across the planet:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection was kind enough to try to bill me $670 for just two simple FOIA requests this morning (involving Anduril Industries, Inc. and Matroid, Inc.)

Justin Ehrenhofer found this Mastodon account and has an interesting thread on Coinbase's ICE work:


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I gave a live interview to Coindesk this morning (it starts 34 minutes in) on a pair of recent FOIA requests for Coinbase's ICE contracts:

You can find the first reporting on the contracts here:

The former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, published an op-ed in Defense One yesterday continuing the argument that anti-trust enforcement on tech companies harms national security (but with a Ukraine spin this time).


"The bill also includes an $8 million bump for DIU in authorized prototyping funds for artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled open source intelligence for information effects and the information environment."


The head of Microsoft's HoloLens project -- which the DoD IG recently suggested could lead to $22B of wasted Army procurement -- is leaving Microsoft due to sexual misconduct complaints.


WaPo is now reporting that Musk will be given full access to the Twitter firehose data as part of his acquisition of the platform.


The third company involved in worker protests against operations in Russia -- Germany's SAP -- is apparently being actively criticized for continuing to operate in Russia despite public commitments.


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