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Wow: Apples Director of Machine Learning geht, weil er sich nicht ins Büro zurückzwingen lassen mag techmeme.com/220507/p9#a220507

I mean, check out this playlist and try to guess which songs are 20 years old: deezer.page.link/vPSdP3arQgoRK

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Moment. Erst ein neues Album der , dann von und jetzt noch von ? Welches Jahr haben wir, 2002?
Ich mein, ich hab nichts dagegen, aber dann sollte eigentlich noch was von kommen, oder?

Ich musste den Spamfilter für Anrufe aktivieren. Das ist neu. Deppen.

Die Amsel hat sich ihr Nest im Radunterstand gebaut und sieht jeden grimmig an, der sein Bike holt.

Hintergründe zur Durchsuchung bei der . Und ja, natürlich ist es die, wer sonst.... sz.de/1.5575522

Ist es:

The first module for |s new western-fantasy adventure path "Outlaws of " has been released. You get a ready-made module for foundry, including maps, tokens, scenes, journal entries and sounds by . Oh, and you get the normal PDF for the AP free on top!
I'm thinking of running it after Age of Ashes, and this should bring my prep time down to a minimum.
If you use foundry, check it out: paizo.com/products/btq02d77

Link: bundleofholding.com/presents/S
And, shit, why can't you edit a post? I thought this was better than the Elons network?

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Last chance to get some truly great books by at the . Especially the "Return of the Lazy " is a fantastic read for every , regardless of your system. Best 6$ you'll ever spend.

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The threshold for discoverability on Mastodon is pretty high, so be generous about boosting other people. Sometimes you're the signal, and sometimes you're the path the signal takes through the noise.

Drift Crash seems like a fun new development for . Looking forward to the book, even if I'm not running or playing any games right now. But I love good scifi


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