Well, it's pretty groovy to know that this is still here.

I always get nervous when I know somebody is reading my work. Like, I can feel when it's happening. It's like a tremor in the Force.

...actually that might be all the late-night caffeine...

I'm a simple man. If you show me a picture of a cat, I'm going to like a picture of a cat.

Oh, I should probably do an ...

Hello there. I'm James. I'm a writer and video game designer currently based in Los Angeles.

I've worked on a few things you might have heard of (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Blade & Soul), and a lot that you probably haven't.

I'm an encyclopedia of Star Wars knowledge, and love most things sci-fi and urban fantasy.

I'm a fan of all Detroit sports, as well as Newcastle United.

I really want to do my small part to make Mastodon an awesome place.

Man. This really feels like early Twitter. Y'know. Before the Nazis and platform abuse.

I have to say, I like the idea of . If it can streamline its instancing issues, this would be something special.

At the very least, it's nice to not be told to kill myself because I made a character say some words in a video game. That's pretty darn nice.

Alright, Mastodon - let's see what you're about. First order of business: finding people to follow.


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