Repeating here for those not following me on

Awoo! Rejoice, fellow , there's a new release on Monday!

Okay, I've added a bunch of interesting looking follows. Now to export them over to

(Why does it feel like I should end that comment with MWAHAHAHAHAHA?)

So, yesterday I dipped my toe in the water. Today, I'll take a lap or two and check out some follows.

So if you like Mastodon, Gargron (the guy who created /is paying to develop it) has a Patreon:

Okay, Mastodon, gotta get some words on a page. Catch you all later. Toot-les!

Loving Masto so far. Like that other site pre-2010, but much more useful/usable, and populated by artists & developers rather than the cult of startup + wannabe social media celebs.

Kudos, @Gargron & co!

An : I'm a fantasy writer, repped but not (yet!) published. Currently one manuscript out on submission and another ~3 chapters from complete. Past lives included I-banker, entrepreneur, consultant – basically your average nerd who spent two decades chasing success/acceptance before finally embracing who he was deep down. Lover of , , , , , ,


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