“What do you think ‘Well Regulated” means? It doesn’t mean ‘no regulation.’”

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This guy here.A Fellow vet said it perfectly. I couldn’t have stated it better.

When push came to shove, the Uvalde police knew how to keep themselves safe.

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Uvalde cops had level 4 plates.

How generous? So generous he mooched a kid’s popcorn.

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Boebert: I want to tell you a story about his generosity, about how kind he is… Even not liking germs, President Trump shared a bowl of popcorn with my son… I don’t share food with my son.

This is powerful. And of course the police were horrible. But let’s not forget why these children died. They died because our country allows any maniac easy access to weapons of mass murder. Because Republicans continue to block the sensible majority trying to prevent that.

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'Please Send The Police Now,' She Pleaded

Today's NYT front page.

He said this TODAY? Has this pitiful joke of a talking point ever been more clearly discredited?

If he had been anywhere in the world but at an NRA convention, he’d have been laughed and hooted out of town.

Pity the children. @tedcruz@twitter.com has blood on his hands.

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Cruz: Ultimately, as we all know, what stops armed bad guys is armed good guys

Guns don’t kill people. Doors kill people.

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The door thing is a trap so we spend two days talking about doors with door experts debunking it or whatever. Stay focused. We need new federal laws.

More cosplay. Worse policing.

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Big difference in US civic fabric in past 50 yrs:

—Actual US military forces being outfitted like Imperial Troopers in Star Wars

—Local police buying military equipment and trying to look like SEALs.

—Bigger gap from populace; less “protect and serve”; more “force protection."

I hope Texans will rise up as one to demand the resignation of their failed governor.

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This quote, from Greg Abbott, turns out to be total bullshit:

“As horrible as what happened, it could have been worse. The reason it was not worse is because law enforcement officials did what they do...because of their quick response...they were able to save lives.”

This tiny city already spends 40% of its budget on police. It has a SWAT team. The Chief of Police was on the scene, along with armed Border Patrol agents.

One teenager with a military assault weapon had them paralyzed.

Ban assault weapons. Do it now.

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"The incident commander inside believed they needed more equipment and more officers to do a tactical breach." Meanwhile, there were 19 officers available to act.

Perfect time for these hard-working lawmakers to take a TEN-DAY WEEKEND.

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Senate adjourns for Memorial Day recess. Back June 6

Blaming Democrats for not having enough votes is one reason Democrats don’t have enough votes.

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Blocking you now because of the dumb, empty, both-sides lie. the Democrats have not had the votes to overcome the GOP filibuster. One party wants this bloodletting, the other -- and the majority of the country -- does not. Pretending otherwise is for liars and rubes. twitter.com/majordog524/status

Better than locking the doors:

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Universal background checks, ban or restrict large magazines, require liability insurance, allow gun manufacturers to be sued for damages, ban assault rifles, require safety training and permits, don’t sell guns to people under 21, but yeah, nobody has any specific suggestions. twitter.com/joshtpm/status/152

The gunman will break through a locked door. His victims will be trapped by the rest of the locked doors. Cannot believe this is where Republicans are going today.

Republicans now filibustering the Domestic Terror Prevention Act.

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By a vote of 47-47, the did not invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to Cal. #371, H.R.350, Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

ML Schumer entered a motion to reconsider the failed cloture vote.

Woman whose entire job is to provide DC solutions.

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Sinema Says ‘DC Solutions’ Are Not ‘Realistic’ When Asked If She’d Reform Filibuster To Pass Gun Control talkingpointsmemo.com/news/sin via @TPM@twitter.com

Ted “Mmm, machine-gun bacon” Cruz thinks you are stupid enough to buy anything he’s selling. independent.co.uk/news/world/a

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senator Ted Cruz comes out bravely against doors.

Good night, Senators. Sleep well.

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The is voting on confirmation of the nomination of Cathy Harris to be a Member of the Merit Systems Protection Board. This is the last vote of the evening. twitter.com/SenatePress/status

Definitely the problem isn’t guns. Guess what we need to crack down on.

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Again with the doors

This is what the United States Senate is doing today. I know Lisa Gomez needs to be confirmed. And notice how Republicans continue to fight the most noncontroversial appointments. But the institution is broken.

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Vote 2/2: The invoked cloture on the nomination of Lisa Gomez to be an Assistant Secretary of Labor, 47-46.

We expect further votes this evening.

Or how about never? Would never be good for you?

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NEW: Gov. Kathy Hochul says she wants to work with the Legislature to raise the age that someone in New York can buy an AR-15 to 21.

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