I suggest that the value of “Presidential approval rating” has reached an all-time low. It is not meaningful.

It includes people who would rather have Trump. And it includes people who want all Biden’s policies and priorities and wish he would fight harder. And be younger.

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Biden is the most unpopular president ever at this point in his term.

There are a lot of explanations for this BESIDES actions of the president: Polarization, ideological > party ID among progressives, inflation and gas prices etc.

But this is where the numbers stand today:

What exactly did @LindseyGrahamSC@twitter.com do?

He “questioned Secretary Raffensperger and his staff about reexamining certain absentee ballots cast in Georgia in order to explore the possibility of a more favorable outcome for former President Donald Trump.”

A horror too drastic for Stephen King.

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DeSantis signs bill requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with state.

I. Can't. Even.

Knowing only this fact, can you guess the race of the gunman?

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BREAKING: A new Texas report shows that an armed Uvalde officer, the first to arrive at Robb Elementary School on May 24 asked for permission to shoot the gunman while he was outside the school, but never heard an answer from his supervisor.

“Provocative” is not a virtue, unless your goal is to accumulate clicks and provoke discord. It may be good for a newspaper to publish opinions that diverge from those of its editorial board and publisher. But the paper still bears responsibility for what it chooses to publish.

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What I am indeed struggling to grasp is why any serious person would be so eager to defend the platforming of utterly disingenuous nonsense, full of false claims and presented purely in bad faith, as somehow valuable “provocative opinions.” twitter.com/patrickbigpix/stat

We’re going to need another season of The Crown.

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What if Boris Johnson refuses to resign?


I don’t think an American can fully enjoy what’s happening in the UK right now without following @Harkaway@twitter.com.

The Constitution (Article I, Section 6) is clear about what privilege a Senator has and does not have. He can’t be arrested in the Senate or on the way to and from. Nor for his “Speech or Debate” in the Senate.

Trying to steamroll a local election official is a different thing.

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This is all smoke. What “privilege” does a Senator have to refuse to answer questions about his own actions? If @LindseyGrahamSC@twitter.com is just a witness, why is he not eager to share what he knows?

Senator says he’s above the law.

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Senator Lindsey Graham will not comply with subpoena in Georgia election probe ift.tt/C9wcYya

Journalists have started saying Lindsey Graham called Raffensperger just to “inquire” about something. That’s absurd. Senators have staff for that. Graham called Raffensperger to apply pressure. He wanted him to discard mail-in ballots from certain counties.

If @sulliview@twitter.com had more space for this excellent column, she might have mentioned the lack of consequences for all the pundits who were so spectacularly wrong about the invasion of Iraq.

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Please, pundits, stop trying to predict the future. You’re bad at it. … My new column: wapo.st/3Ar4g4w

In this case it’s a fine map and a terrible country.

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Paid maternity leave for new mothers

Not even, “In retrospect this may have been a mistake”?

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"In a statement, the Illinois State Police defended its decision to grant Mr. Crimo a permit to own a gun, which he applied for in December 2019, three months after the police took the knives from his home." Alternate universe.

British political commentary is still the best.

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The cabinet are the living equivalent of the shit assortment of old toys that attend a hastily arranged doll's tea party. A one eyed teddy bear, an incontinent baby doll, a sort of dragon, most of Barbie, and an Action Man with PSTD.

Ms. Lewinsky is absolutely right. Many journalists and pundits now routinely say the Attorney General must judge whether a prosecution is in the _national interest._ Where is that written? It would be an impossible standard. No one can know in advance.

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i don’t know about anyone else, but i’m bothered by merrick garland weighing whether it’s in the best interest of the country to prosecute a past president re trump. i get that there are a number of factors to consider… but this shouldn’t be one of ‘em. should be the opposite.

Every Republican who has opposed universal background checks has blood on their hands. Do I exaggerate?

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NEW: Lake County Sheriff’s office just said police had been called on suspected Highland Park shooter Robert Crimo in 2019, after he threatened to “kill everyone” in his family. They seized 16 knives.

He was later able to legally buy 5 firearms before yesterday’s mass shooting.

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