Have logged back in for the first time in 4 years to turn off email notifications for new follows :P As you might imagine, I've gotten a few this morning already.

If by chance you haven’t heard or seen about my new project I’m working on with my friend Taylor we’ve just launched a brand new weekly comic based on my “Things you should be doing instead” tweets. Please check it out :D Updates every Monday.
howboutno.net mastodon.social/media/TgwOl4xk

Dancing with a bunch of friends at a wedding? Yes.

Dancing with a bunch of strangers at a wedding? NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Up in Sun Peaks for the weekend. The smoke in the area is completely off the charts. Won’t be spending to much time outside today. mastodon.social/media/euzYabOQ

LoadingReadyRun made a Crapshot today, mostly about the birdsite, but also Mastodon!


I’m the tiger-pelt-wearing guy!

I love how Twitter has reached Voldemort levels of name avoidance.

And finally before taking a break. A special Twitter Deactivation Day/Mastodon Only instalment of “Things you could be doing rather than making Twitter an unusable garbage fire”

• Water Sports
• Learn a new word and use it in a sentence
• Fix that button on that shirt/jacket you’ve avoided doing for 3 years
• Look at the clouds

Oh, and yes. I’m working at turning this into a weekly comic. Stay tuned for more info soon :D

As a content creator and “Internet personality” you’re lead to believe social media is incredibly important to your success, and that’s kinda true. But maybe not to the degree we’ve let it become? It’s not like without Twitter we become inaccessible hermits :)

Heading out of town for a wedding this weekend. It’s only a 5ish hour drive but it’s the most time I’ve spent in a car since Road Quest. Pray for Mojo.

I hope this current push to Mastodon isn’t just a quick escape. I don’t really care about the platform, I care about the people. I’m willing to put in whatever the work is to make Twitter/Mastodon/Ect a place I want to spend my time.

I joined Twitter over 10 years ago. This place feels exactly like that. While I certainly don’t expect that feeling to last (nor should it) it’s pretty nice.

Hopped onto the Toot! beta for iOS and I gotta say, this is far and away the best client for this service. Check it out at:

On my very first Mastodon post let’s do a very special version of everyone’s favourite game, “Things Twitter should be doing rather than literally everything they’re currently doing”

• Ban the fucking Nazis.
• Shut down every dipshit with an account that spews hate and lies.
• Stop screwing over 3rd party developers who are only trying to make your service better for each individual user.


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