It's's 2nd Birthday! Thank you to everyone who makes this venture so worthwhile 😊

Did an experiment on Twitter. Created an account with 'Scotland' in the account name and just left it; no tweeting or other interactions. Within a week it started to receive recommendations to follow accounts tweeting far right vitreol, supporting English fascism and Brexit, racism directed at Scots and MAGA Trumpism. It started looking like a BritNat cesspit. Twitter recommendations are paid for by vested interests; who is driving this organised push to the far right in England? #indyref2

It’s important that our users remember that is administered by, paid for and moderated by private individuals as a labour of love.

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@trumpet kindness & thoughtfulness for other users needs to be priority. It's what appears to make this such a welcoming & friendly site. You have my apologies for those who don't understand that. Sorry if your weekend was ruined by them.

Yet another conversation with an elderly, Tory voting couple, who think Ruth Davidson 'talks such a lot of sense' and who also hates NS. Pointed out how many newspapers/TV channels are London much money we make (and don't get back) how neglected Scotland has been. They were gobsmacked. Had never spoken with someone from 'the other side'.
God help us. 🙄

Boris promised help for the disabled by making trains more accessible, and as soon as he took office after the election, he scrapped it.!!!!

Tell ya Twitter is definitely quiet, Ive had one like and one retweet for a retweet I did this morning about mastodon. Same goes for seeing followers posts. I think we've achieved something in less than 24 hours. Well done everyone

Another toot. Anyone I know or like minded Nat. Please give me a follow so I can follow back.

This is hard work starting again for the 3rd time thanks to Twitter.

All Under One Banner 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Dec 19

I’m here to talk about Scottish independence and only Scottish independence. I don’t want involved in gender debates or any other topics designed to divide us. Let’s focus on the goal and get WM to fuck!

Changed over from .social but never brought ma followers any chance of a wee follow folks

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