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reverse engineering;
tendrils of understanding infiltrate the cracks;
the stone black box crumbles away;
a masterpiece remains.

hi, so, I don't have a job this summer. only found out yesterday. have some savings but not enough to last (only just started getting on our feet).

I don't really have any real world programming experience besides personal projects and a short mobile game programming gig. but I teach good.

looking for some kinda temp position doing something. idk. any help is appreciated

boost this toot if capitalism is garbage

idk enough armchair philosophizing today

if you're trying to convince someone that e.g. immigrants aren't inhuman roaches, it's much easier to sway them with stories about how they're human than with hard statistics about crime etc.

it sucks, but that's how it is.

it's led me to a better understanding of what discussion/debate *should* be. so often we focus on facts and opinions (personal interpretations of reality). it never gets us anywhere. rebutting things with statistics etc. almost always makes people double down on their opinions.

I think we should focus on *perspectives* instead. perspectives take into account the social and emotional aspects of someone's opinon. not to say they justify those opinions, but it's easier to see where you disagree.

I read something a little while back that's stuck in my mind. it was something like "reason and logic are not the only doorways into someone's mind; ethics and emotion are just as important."

being someone who's into things that revolve around reason and logic, this is something I've ignored for a lot of my life, and I feel like I've pushed a lot of people away with it.

I've been working on it lately and have been trying hard to hear where someone is coming from first, before trying to argue.

"part-time" CS instructor at university of pittsburgh, I like low-level stuff and theoretical stuff! getting into electronics but not as much time to do it as I'd like :sob:

also :thumbsup: for letting me ctrl+V images into a tweetdeck-like interface

I'm making a project for my architecture students and I get to design/implement a little 16-bit CPU architecture in Logisim \ (•◡•) /

500 fucking characters. like. come on. why hasn't this been in twitter for years already