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@scanlime yeah, github, Travis ci, university archival stuff etc

@wilkie it's a model of a polystyrene molecule.. Modeled in polystyrene.

@wilkie literally playing with some rn, what did they ever do to you

@wilkie @munin or yanno just eat it yourself

I mean uh I've never done that

@scanlime the tech community I've been (tangentially) involved in has been full of queers and socialists lol. Maybe it's just the Bay area? Idk

@wilkie shit I can get that on gog for way cheaper, pshhhh

reverse engineering;
tendrils of understanding infiltrate the cracks;
the stone black box crumbles away;
a masterpiece remains.

@wilkie didn't, uh, didn't Linus make Linux when he was a young gun and got a ton of flak for it?

@adam oh, whew.. Also I had no idea you were a father so I was double confused

@lindseyb dunno if they'd be easy to find these days tho lol

@lindseyb they actually make little battery powered (?) spinny things

@lindseyb @wilkie but for which I could not find the words

@wilkie @lindseyb thank you for making the joke I wanted to make

@lindseyb "look! look at me! look I'm in the thingggg"

@Mycroft hey, at least they account for agender!!

@zuphzuph I wonder if they're willing to take on someone who's 30 and has been out of university for 8 years?