Sent this to my wife and she said, "I watched a couple more of her videos. She's creative and beautiful."

I already knew she's a badass, but watching this video from this time sends her to a higher level.

It's such an amazing material. You can build anything with it.
I tried to figure out what the character is. The closest I can get is 㭍, which is just a fancy form of the number 7. I'm not convinced that's it, because the form of the radical is wrong.…
Oh! 柒 is her name. It's another fancy form of "7". And the calligraphy she chose is still non-standard compared to the printed form, but with Chinese handwriting you never quite know what the calligraphy is going to look like. Maybe she just likes it better.

@clacke I watched this again. I couldn't help but smile so wide at the satisfaction both expressed when the thing being made took it's final form.

Then I took a quick look at the other videos on the channel. Definitely a must watch channel in my op;ion. She's a badass maker in my mind.

That one commenter that seems very upset about the great production values is funny and disturbing. Make me think of all the SexyCyborg accusations.

Apparently this girl is a former DJ and is now a crafts youtuber. Maybe she has help and doesn't do all the hard work herself, maybe she gets coaching.

But why not enjoy it for what it is? A skillfully shot and processed serene video clip of a cute girl doing practical and beautiful things?

@clacke Seems she used to do all her shows herself. And she learns all the things she does.

Now she has a camera man and one helper.

I think it requires WAY more people than you ever see are the grounds. They look amazing!

I believe she does the bulk of the making. Probably the artistic style is hers, too.

Do you know who would be the PERFECT couple? This woman and the Primitive guy.

Their kids coule actually solve world peace and hunger, and throw climate change in as a side project.

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