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it suddenly occurs to me that the push to abandon the 3.5mm audio jack could, in part, be an effort to close the analog hole.
Right now, you can take any device with a headphone jack, plug it into a laptop with a microphone jack via a plug-to-plug audio cable, and obtain a decent-quality DRM-free reproduction no matter how encumbered the source file or player happens to be.

DRM musings 

Try doing that again in 5-10 years when all headphones only have digital interfaces and all players only accept Approved accessories.
Sure, DACs with standard output connectors are easy to come by now, but if the industry is successful in shifting focus to fancy digital accessories, that might not be so in a few years.

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DRM musings 

@diodelass it also serves to make Entertainment more expensive as a total cost.

*Applies tin foil hat*

Not making any money from song sales? Collude with the industry to push expensive hardware and spread profits.


DRM musings 

@wersimmon @diodelass
Not making money???

The reports I've read say the music industry is booming.

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