@sophia Is that a foot pun or have I missed a story about RMS?

paedophilia apologism 

@Jason_Dodd "I am skeptical of the claim that voluntary paedophilia harms children"
in response to a Dutch political party trying to have age of consent reduced to 12 stallman.org/archives/2006-may

He's reiterated it since. Also has some rather out of the box views on necrophilia and bestiality.

paedophilia apologism 

@sophia Well now. That seems to be his site and it horrible. I amend my view until further notice

I love the GPL but RMS is bonkers and shouldn't be trusted around kids.

paedophilia apologism 

@sophia I'm embarrassed to say that although I've been a fan of the gpl and RMS since 1999, I haven't looked at much of what he's said outside of tech.

But the brief searching in the past few minutes has place him firmly off my list of heros. Holy smokes!

paedophilia apologism 

@Jason_Dodd it's.. Well, less than great. He's become a bit of a meme here lately because of it and how he does continue to get a lot of support, it gets very brushed aside overall

What he's done for free software development is no doubt incredible, but I guess you can do good things and still be a bad person.

paedophilia apologism 

@sophia Agreed.

I'm glad you replied to me. I have some reflecting to do.

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