"We're having a problem sending email out of the department."

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"We can't send mail more than 500 miles," the chairman explained.

I choked on my latte. "Come again?"

"We can't send mail farther than 500 miles from here," he repeated. "A little bit more, actually. Call it 520 miles. But no farther."

The Case of the 500-Mile Email: ibiblio.org/harris/500milemail

Here's a difference between my experience in mastodon and the birdsite. There I know what people do. It forms a substance to what they say. Social status first, then abbreviated opinion.

Here I have no idea what people do or who they are socially. But I recognise and follow thought patterns, cares, fabrications. It feels like a profound acceptance of what is.

I appreciate this so much.

The moon eclipse a couple of days ago was barely noticeable but... ey! at least I got clouds!


#stellarium [stellarium.org/] is a desktop planetarium for linux/win/OS X. It features a huge database of stars, deep sky objects, planets even satellites. It features realistic atmosphere, dusk and dawn simulations, and includes photographs of many known objects. You can even use it to control your telescope.

I use Stellarium in my art and photography both. It is excellent for exploring and learning. It helps me plan astrophotography shoots. It is also useful to identify objects in a photograph or to make informed decisions about the white balance based on star spectrums. mastodon.art/media/KriGLGb9s8P

Two imps convey the bread out of hell's furnaces.

Because, sometimes, you need to have a little bit of imagination to see the world interesting.

Somebody told me a few weeks ago, I don’t remember where, that unlike what I claim in my bio (in some networks), people doesn’t seem to avoid me and run away when they see me with my camera. I think this spontaneous picture shows how right I am about that.

I know it is not a perfect portrait but it looks so natural… I think it shows a lot of how her personality is in just one hundredth of a second. The magic of photography…

Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of attending to the X Marcial Moreno Mañas School of Chemistry () as the official photographer. All of them are building a better future in many ways, and although they are sacrificing their time (and sometimes happiness), very few people will thank them for their hard work. This is my way to show them gratitude. Probably very few of them will see this, but you do and now you are a little bit more aware of their existence and hard work.

Side effect of being able to export/import people you're following as a CSV: you can distribute a "starter kit" of cool people

Be right back.

And the flew away for a few minutes, looking for a place selling tobacco. What a pity it was a bank holiday and nothing was open.

Valladolid’s rooftops, Spain. Spring 2017.

The idea that there's all this data in the air, in radio waves, going over our heads, through our bodies, every moment, makes me excited. Everywhere that you are there's the possibility to reach out and discover something totally new.

Something that you were destined to hear.

Something that you were not supposed to hear. Something secret. Something dark.

@Tusky @Vavassor @Gargron If core had extra features in dealing with favourites, then clients could offer interesting new ways of navigation and time saving tricks.


The ability to (hash)"tag" favourites and reorder them, would then bring the possibility for various presentations of them, either as new, separate views/"columns", or even as topical "slideshows". (Ref. Twitter's idiotically named "timelines".)

Visibility option: public/private favourites (grouped/columns)

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