The moon eclipse a couple of days ago was barely noticeable but... ey! at least I got clouds!

Two imps convey the bread out of hell's furnaces.

Because, sometimes, you need to have a little bit of imagination to see the world interesting.

Somebody told me a few weeks ago, I don’t remember where, that unlike what I claim in my bio (in some networks), people doesn’t seem to avoid me and run away when they see me with my camera. I think this spontaneous picture shows how right I am about that.

I know it is not a perfect portrait but it looks so natural… I think it shows a lot of how her personality is in just one hundredth of a second. The magic of photography…

Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of attending to the X Marcial Moreno Mañas School of Chemistry () as the official photographer. All of them are building a better future in many ways, and although they are sacrificing their time (and sometimes happiness), very few people will thank them for their hard work. This is my way to show them gratitude. Probably very few of them will see this, but you do and now you are a little bit more aware of their existence and hard work.

Be right back.

And the flew away for a few minutes, looking for a place selling tobacco. What a pity it was a bank holiday and nothing was open.

Valladolid’s rooftops, Spain. Spring 2017.

Another sunset from my photpgraphic journey to Catalonia a few months ago. Not as impressive as the one from the day before ( and but still it turned out pretty.

Sunrise from the top of the mountain where Tavertet is located (Barcelona, Spain). It was hard to wake up after very few hours of sleep, but the scene was worth of it.

This is part of a bigger sculpture, by Can Ginebreda. Although all of it is interesting, I got fascinated by the gaze of the skull looking at the hook. Probably it wasn't the intention of the author and this disposition happened by chance, but I think it gives a funny composition.

Sant Benet's hermitage, taken near the top of Montserrat mountain (Barcelona). Sadly, we couldn't reach the top due to the lack of hiking equipment.

I saw it while climbing a very steep path and knew I had to take the picture. While I was on it I was worried about how disastrous would it be to lose balance in that place (at least for the camera). Everything went fine. That's the life of the photographer.

Today's picture doesn't have a great story. Just the typical picture you take because you see the chance. You are walking around, a wild swan appears, you push the camera shutter, "It's super effective" and eventually you capture the swan (or at least its image) like if it was a pokemon.

One of those pictures that look better printed at 30x20 cm than on screen.

When you go alone for a walk, and you find a silent soul following you. And just for a moment, it stops, remains still, and lets you take a picture. “You know... Just in case you need to prove I was here with you” – it said.

I have a new post on my blog about taking pictures of fluorescent things using UV light. Maybe it is not the most amusing topic, but I’m asked frequently about it. So I wrote it in case anyone finds it useful.

"How to take fluorescent pictures":

The header picture shows the diffusion of oxygen into an oxygen-free solution over time (5 min.), followed by fluorescence.

Something hot and colorful to finish the day. One of my Easter pictures, before it was ready for the meat.

Not as impressive as the 1/4000 s pictures but still pretty.

(In case you're interested in my pictures, you can see more in my Flickr -sorry for the spam- )

This is the inside of a pc power supply. The long silver pieces seem to be some kind of heat exchangers.

Am I guessing right? Or do they have any other purpose?

Hards disks are like pigs: when you slaugther them you can use almost every part.

Here: An ex-Mastor 160 Gb HDD.

Not a huge fan of today's release. I think it is a good idea, but taking it (a couple of months ago) was more complicated than expected. I discarded it the first time but today seemed acceptable enough for publishing . Nevertheless, I think I'll try again next year.

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