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Getting a few private inquiries about NSFW content rules on mastodon.social, so gonna answer publicly: It's fine as long as you mark it as sensitive (eye icon)

Full rules see here: mastodon.social/about/more

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Liebe deutsche #Rundfunkanstalten, macht es dem #ORF nach: Reduziert die Präsenz auf #Facebook auf ein Minimum. Für ein freies und offen zugängliches #Internet.
Gegen eine Subvention von Facebook durch Inhalte, die mit unseren Rundfunkbeiträgen finanziert sind.

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How Republican firm's plan to defend Facebook by attacking rivals backfired #guardian #news https://bot.undernet.uy/url/303405

Not so cool: Ikue Ōtanis "Pika-Pika" got replaced in the German dub youtu.be/2XaB2xCdHlI

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Donna Zuckerberg: ‘Social media has elevated misogyny to new levels of violence’ #guardian #news https://bot.undernet.uy/url/298083
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Yeay, toei-animation.com ist wieder "online" xD

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"The Japanese Man Who Saved 6,000 Jews With His Handwriting" by David Wolpe

"After the ceremony, in front of some 1,200 students, I spoke with his one remaining child, his son Nobuki, who arrived from Belgium to honor his father’s memory. He told me his father was “a very simple man. He was kind, loved reading, gardening and most of all children. He never thought what he did was notable or unusual.”"


Toei hat alle Promovideos zur "Dragon Ball the Movies"-Veröffentlichung von 2008/2009 bei YouTube hochgeladen^^ youtu.be/PSvQEpms-38

Oha, Shueisha hat die komplette erste Folge von Yu-Gi-Oh! Zum 50. Jump-Jubiläum online gestellt: youtu.be/BvqkfeZwhns

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It's 3am... aaaaand a super-loud thunder just woke me up.

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