I think talking about the Non-Colonial aspect of , @aral just made me notice an invaluable point about , that nobody appears to talk about, when explaining the advantages of & .

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In essence, and of software is realistically only possible, if it is open and allows for & stimulates contribution from EVERYONE. This is especially true for & , but also for everyday applications.

One issue, that needs to be overcome both in general tech, as well as Free Software communities is the current lack of representativity, which can cause numerous issues for demographics that look different than the developers.

But until then, Free Software is the ONLY chance to guarantee nobody is excluded from contributing to and using any tool out there. It is the explicit definition of FS after all!

This issue is of course drastically more complicated and more needs to happen, also in our minds.

In this regard, also thank you to @fsfe for your active role in promoting FS!

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