As every year, I asked myself how much and the 's generated on social media...

Well, here are my results!

should probably have added some buzzword hashtags here like or :P

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FYI, I'm still working on the in order to benefit the . The palette is not yet used across all . If you have any tips, please DM me or directly to

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@JayVii_de Wow, I expected the Fediverse market share to be significantly smaller

@orangelamp well, it has been about the same last year
And also in 2018

I suspect the comments, likes and shares to be much higher in the fediverse. At least that's my feeling. I'll crunch on the numbers this week and will let you know

@JayVii_de awesome. Share the code too. It will help for other analysis too.

@tshrinivasan already did so in 2018 and updates in 2019 :) (this year's data isn't uplaoded yet, but will be in the coming weeks)

@tshrinivasan de rien. USE, STUDY, SHARE, IMPROVE :) Pull-Requests or improvements via mail are always welcome

@tshrinivasan @orangelamp FYI, the data is out!

Reddit: 3 posts, 3 subs, 24 points

Twitter: 539 tweets, 249 places, 16 languages, ~ 9 favs/tweet, ~ 4 rts/tweet, 377 users, 30 twitter-clients, 349 unique hashtags

Fediverse: 330 toots, 17 languages, 208 users/accounts, 81 instances, 2 favs/toot, 3 reblogs/toot

Data, Code, Graphics, etc is up on

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