Since I now run @plasmamobile Angelfish as my default browser, I updated an older post so that I don't forget how to do this if I ever have to do it again:

@linmob @plasmamobile I really need to try this on other distributions when I get around to it. Gnome-Web is close to unusable as long as HW acceleration is not available and Firefox works, but is way too desktop centric and _heavy_. Angelfish seems like a great mobile first browser, but the flatpak version refuses to work with any HTTPS site (SSL-errors all over the place) with all distributions I tried

@JayVii_de @plasmamobile The flatpak version worked for me with SSL on postmarketOS, maybe because I had previously installed the pmOS angelfish package which would not work at all at that time.

@linmob @plasmamobile btw, i had to use some qtwebengine environment flags i found in the pmos wiki to make it fully usable. but now, angelfish is pretty much the best browser on the pinephone

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