Been in control of our non-profit org about a year. I inherited it when the original board had to step down. We're finally moving the infrastructure from Google Drive to #Nextcloud.

By the beginning of next year:

+ Jitsi for our conferencing
+ Nextcloud for documents and collaboration
+ And we've been using Matrix/Element for our chat. Migrating our old boards from Slack.

This is not just about open source. This is also a simpler setup for our team.


@art Congratulations! 👏

Pretty much 1 year ago, we did the same @jefRLP.

The website was already on a selfhosted wordpress, but needed further improvement. We switched our entire communication to Matrix, hold B-weekly conferences via jitsi, moved all our documents and collaboration work to our own Nextcloud (very recently) and member-polls to a selfhosted limesurvey instance. We offer our complete infrastructure to our local city groups too (e.g. @jef_trier)!

Oh, and we signed @fsfe's .

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