Every time @JayVii_de@mastodon.social interacts with any of my posts I get dozens of duplicate notifications


@alexandra @JayVii_de oh yes, the Linux tootle has this issue where it interacts from a single click many times, I had people complaining when I used it

@novichan@fosstodon.org @JayVii_de@mastodon.social Good to know. One of us should file an issue on https://github.com/bleakgrey/tootle.

I don't actually use Tootle so I'd have a harder time being of help in troubleshooting, but I can file it if nobody else wants to.

@alexandra @JayVii_de I get terribly intimidated by most bug trackers, so I'm afraid I can't do it- also it's been quite a while since I used Tootle.


@novichan @alexandra i'll file an issue by tomorrow, since I am an active tootle user. Thanks for he heads up!

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