Architects' AOGHAU still is the best kick-start into the day 😁

So, now that I've been using to stream music from my VPS, I thought: why not give it a try as a music player on the too?

Using MyMPD as a web-frontend in "cog" WPE, this seems quite usable, actually

Bitte 1x entgültiges Ende freiheitlicher, sozialer Demokratie im 3er Pack.
CDU: Coming right up, pal!

Veganes Mensa-Angebot an der Uni Trier heute wieder mal vom Feinsten /s

Mittwoch + Freitag sehen genau so aus 🙃


Muss die @tagesschau unbedingt fälschlicherweise mit gleichsetzen um die ohnehin durch technisches Unwissen dominierte Debatte nun vollkommen an die Wand zu fahren?

Es steht halt LITERALLY im zweiten Satz auf Wikipedia !B

There are dozens of Open Source streaming servers out there, that deliver Spotify-level ease of use and comfort while streaming music from your own server.

Why is it, that I still always come back to and its httpd output eventually? !B

I played with tonight and really love it! These few lines of CSS create this nice feature, honouring a visitor's whish regarding bright or dark mode:

RE & in I posted about a few days ago:

Extracting building heights & assigning them to buildings was quite the adventure. Hights are approx. by substracting the from the (see images) !B

Some fun w/ & . Today: Using gridded & LiDAR data of a to extract standalone building heights of a given area (Here the city of ).

Plots show DEM (w/ wrong rotation) & final building heights.

Just a quick and rough look/plot on how the results from 's Overpass for all roads in and around look (in )

It begins. Wieso scheinen für viele Schnelltests ein so unerträgliches Übel zu sein, dass man fast jedes Risiko auf sich nimmt um Tests zu vermeiden?

Well, that escalated quickly. New maintainers of opened PR to implement in the software.

I think I've never seen such an active discussion on Github ever before.

Over at @ViOffice, we wrote a little piece about the consumption of the internet and the resulting impact on the .

IMO, this crucial issue is barely discussed in & communities, particularly in the global north. What can we do to change the system? How can we built pressure on tech giants like Google & Co.?

Blog post available in German & English 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 💚

So oddly enough, the collected data is present in all cases around Trier but not the city of Trier itself. The downloaded data in those cases are blank.

I suspect, that I need to narrow the BBoxes, as they only work at a certain zoom-level. Maybe for more densely populated areas, that zoom-level needs to be higher.


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They: So, do you have difficulties to end one task before beginning with another?

Me: Me? Nah...

My number of currently open (and active) browser tabs:

I was finally able to figure out the weirdly configured WMS server of Rhineland-Palatinate...

Some trial'n' error, a loop and download.file() now automated the download of the image files :)

(images are cropped / blurred in some places)


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