The good people of have updated the app and I must say it is looking better than ever.

A munch needed visual upgrade welcomes the application to the 1.0 release.

F-Droid is an awesome open-source repository of applications for devices. You can check them out here:

@Jbastardov @ConnyDuck It sure looks flashy, but I find it very distracting to scroll through the list of apps when I didn't before. IMHO it's a UI nightmare that apps are shown in literally three different sizes, pattern repeated again and again, not depending on app but just randomly featuring some of them? I dunno, I literally can't concentrate.
Is there a setting to turn this off?

@ConnyDuck @natanji no setting for turning it off, you could just concentrate on the Categories view that has a more consistent form, or outright install the previous version of the app and don't update.

I see what you mean, but it doesn't personally bothers me ATM.

I do mind other quirks, like that in the bigger cards for apps their icons are horribly stretched-out and look in low-res.

@Jbastardov @ConnyDuck @natanji
Yeah, a bit rough around the edges atm. I'm guessing it's a work in progress atm. But a huge step in a good direction, I'd say

@omarlibre It has some quirks, but the update is more than welcomed.

@Jbastardov well I'm sorry to disagree. I really dislike the visual, I really prefer the straight look of the previous one. But that's just personal taste.

The real problem is usability, which has gone way down:

@mmu_man no need to feel sorry. The new design is really far from perfect, and I know a lot of people won't like the change in UI/UX. In that regard for me this is going to be like the time Mozilla decided to change Firefox's looks and received backlash for it.

Don't forget to submit your opinions, maybe the developers will hear, or you could contribute with a (possible) fork of the old version.

@Jbastardov I already have enough on my plate to maintain to add a fork of an old version... the problem isn't all on the dev as well, it's also the users who prefer whizz-bang and bubble gum over features and screen estate rationalism ;-)

@Jbastardov like, personas ? I always hated app skins, it goes against a coherent OS UI. If you want to skin, skin the whole desktop.
But eh, that's what the users want :^)

@Jbastardov I went up to finding native-looking skins for winamp, and CL-Amp on BeOS :D

@mmu_man no, I'm talking wayback from when Mozilla first started their rapid release cycle for Firefox and making UI chages to te brower, eventually applying the Australis theme.

@Jbastardov @paulfree14 yeah right. The good people at #fdroid managed to make the #update process of fdroid so nice that the #app is uninstalled after updating it. Good job, team!

@musicmatze that sucks, though it didn't happy to me or any I know. You seem to be suffering some kind of bug, it would be nice if you reported it directly at the developers if you haven't already.

@Jbastardov @angristan And they have removed the "What's new category". No, I don't like the change.

@steelman it's called Latest now and is the first screen you are welcomed when you open the app. But they do seem to have changed something in the algorithm that chooses what apps to show.

Remember to submit your opinion to the developers directly, maybe they'll hear it and make some desired changes.

@Jbastardov "Latest" includes both updates and new apps. "What's new" included only the latter.


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