Got my first crash bug on Xbox.. only happens on Xbox One X works perfectly on Xbox One and S.. and there's nothing in the console log or crash dumps to point to what it might be. Urgh. Got to figure out how to attach the debugger from Unity today and it's already starting to prove difficult thanks to lack of docs.. :(

I think service providers like Xbox/Steam etc. could do sooo much better for us if they put some effort into making their SDKs more friendly. It's like software engineers constantly just expect other programmers to do extra work to figure out an SDK rather than them making it easier .. and I feel like when you're providing a service, that's actually a pretty crappy way to treat your customers. Just help us get up and running quickly with full working examples and docs innit?!

Meanwhile, porting my game RC Rush to Xbox is going relatively well given how unfriendly things are on both the Unity side *and* the Microsoft side. Thankfully some kind soul posted an example project connecting to XBLive users etc. on a forum, so I'm slowly working my way through it. You'd think this would be easier in 2022 wouldn't you? But no, the entire process is a total complete mess from start to finish.

Went on bird site just to check for a DM and ended up feeling like I want to smash the PC within minutes.. again! Time to breathe. Step away from the computer. Have a cup of tea and talk to the cat for a min..

Had trouble figuring out Unreal physics this weekend. I tried to make minigolf and the ball was acting super freaky like it's rolling through shag carpet. Hmmm. Not ideal. Need to read up some more about the physics properties, I reckon!

Small monster driving a dodgem 

This is one of my fav gifs. I made it watching the movie Ghoulies a while ago.

There's a Canadian company - Allanson International - making UV lights you can bolt into existing home ductwork for sanitizing your air; not a big deal if your windows are open all summer, but come winter when we're all buttoned up this will be important, IMO.

Inspired by a recent set of toots by @SexyCyborg I picked one up and just finished installing it. Dirt simple, took ten minutes.

Waiting for an important message today, so I'm checking email way too much (obsessively every ten minutes or something).. of course today there's loads of spam coming in so I keep seeing I have mail and thinking 'this is it!' except it's not. It's just Andreus again from <insert name> Games Marketing (at ofc) telling me they saw my game on Steam and would like to provide 100,000 reviews for just 19.99 or some such ballzorz..

(A while ago..)

Me: A 256 Gb hard drive all *just* for Windows 10, that'll do it! 🤓

(A year later..)

Me: OK, a shiny new 512 Gb drive, all just for Windows 10! That'll definitely do it! 🤔

(A year later still, after running out of hard drive space on the Windows drive yet again..)

Me: Right. This 2Tb drive just for Windows 10 better do it because this is getting utterly redonkulous! 😟🤷‍♂️

People seem to be interested in this project quite a bit. By combining Volumes, scene captures and basic projection I was able to create a runtime volumetric minimap Plugin for #unrealengine. Creat complex scenes and dynamically render a minimap based on location of a tracked entity. No art needed. Slate also allows for panning and zooming. Think the Witcher 3 minimap when you enter a house and go up floor levels - works just like that!

HEY, guess what, i just released another batch of CC0 for everyone (especially people) :) But i also included desktop wallpaper versions for everything, so anyone can grab it, it's all FREE! :D

New Artwork: Pixel Art Drop #005

Waiting for contractors to arrive this morning, so no work getting done here..

I can either have a *glass* of water (or a cold drink in a glass) or a *cup* of warm drink. Cups aren't meant for cold stuff., that's the job of glasses, so when it comes to drinking water from a cup I'm a bit weirded out haha .. this is madness! Why does it matter to me?! No idea. Just habit I guess..

Picked up Star Explorers in the Steam sale today for less than $4 (not my pic btw just off tinternet) .. really enjoying it so far. I'm finding it pretty inspiring too, since it's a solo developer and I think they really found a cool vibe to work with. It's got a nice style to it (very 90s I think - perfect for low budget dev of course) and it's really well done. Bit rough around the edges (don't Alt Tab out!) but I'm having a really nice time with it.

It's getting warm outside, so I was going to close the back door to keep it cool inside. Someone isn't happy about this idea..

The difference in performance between XBox One UWP and GDK builds is crazy. I knew UWP was slower, but I didn't expect this much. Of course, it'll vary depending on the game and what's going on in it, how it's rendering etc, but I'm getting much better performance. On UWP, RC Rush dropped below 30fps in some levels - it normally runs at 120 on PC(for VR). On GDK builds, though, the game runs on an Xbone One perfectly at 60fps or more.

Got the Xbox One build of RC Rush running (at last!) 👍🏻👍🏻 .. I've got some user stuff, a couple of broken shaders and some controller stuff to tweak, but seein it run at a nice framerate on there is pretty awesome even if it has cost me a fortune! Can't wait to get this out 😎

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