@Hamm_Tips I like how Wyeth put it in soooo faintly, but of course he's much closer in too.

Here is a movie that I drew the animation for, about Nora, the polar bear cub raised at the Columbus and Oregon zoo. It's worth a watch.youtube.com/watch?v=oULpw7Yqhz

@mariacfrantz see if they'll give you the remaining credits in trade for using it!

(looks around, sees there still aren't many people over from Twitter)

Now listen up I'm in charge here

@kylegarret apparently someone has to tell us about them, not really easy!

At some point I need to try one of the specialty groups on here. Back in the Compuserve Age, there was an Inventor's Forum I had no business being in but I loved hanging out there reading what old rocket scientists had to say.

I'm a cartoonist/comic book writer originally from New Zealand, now living in the UK. My work's been published in some form or another since 1988.

Best known for writing and drawing "The Muppet Show Comic Book" and writing "Thor The Mighty Avenger" & "Popeye", I'm most proud of my own creations ("Fred the Clown" and "Snarked" being the most readily available examples).

mastodon.social/media/gC-t5We3 mastodon.social/media/I-oIDX3N mastodon.social/media/3jVxKtVi mastodon.social/media/dqobSGd6

@kenlowery and I'll be hornswoggled if I get what Federated is

@franzferdinand2 this will be where we say why we got kicked off Twitter for 24 hours.

@hotelfred Are you in the Halcyon part yet, where it looks like Twitter?

Ok, Halcyon finally let me in for no reason I can tell but I like this interface!

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