"Each of us has a duty to protect our own accounts and the movement. Without a social media we can use without censorship, sanction, and government disruption, we are useless as activists." randompublicjournal.com/2019/1

@Jeggit Two weeks suspended from Twitter. Still no reason given. I don’t swear, avoid trolls and conflicts. Can only believe it’s politically motivated for being pro-Yes. After 9 years utterly unacceptable. Not sure I’ll return to @TwitterOffical even if the account re-opens.

@arthurstramash And what happens when you sign in? Does it tell you how long it's for?

@Jeggit Nothing happens. Logging in to the desktop site at twitter.com is the same. No DMs from Twitter or reason given. No emails, despite appeal. Checked that nae nonsense thing (how sinister is that?) but I didn’t see anything wrt me there. Tiresome.

@arthurstramash Thank you. Wings is off Twitter now too. It's getting beyond a joke.

@Jeggit It is. Still trying to adapt to the different layout of mastodon. Using an app called ‘Toot’. Trying find one that is as close to Twitter functionality as possible. I’d recommend all Yessers create a account.

@arthurstramash I'm encouraging my Twitter followers to migrate right now. It would be a good idea for us to at least have a backup.

I suspect this is the practice run for a much more serious assault before the referendum.

@Jeggit Yes, creating a backup is a wise move. Btw, how did the Herald guy coordinate against you? By tacitly encouraging a pile on?

@arthurstramash Hinting that I was IRA, instigating a pile-on, and encouraging reports. NaeNonsense sprang into action.

@Jeggit Simply incredible. I had to block him. His transformation from ‘pro-indy’ to state puppet was striking.

@arthurstramash PS - How did you set up the link to you blog on your profile?

@Jeggit You copy and paste some html code into your website. Mastodon generates the code.

@Jeggit If you login via a browser you can edit your profile more extensively. It generates html for your homepage. If you have admin access you simply copy&paste the html into the page code. It then verifies you are associated with your company/blog etc ;)

@arthurstramash Right, I'm going to see if I can do that. Thanks.

@arthurstramash @Jeggit I spotted this and didn't do it because too many questions. Will any link in homepage do?

@Jeggit Mammoth fail. He should be nowhere near the SNP, in an official capacity.

@arthurstramash He's a wee arse hole, but in fairness - he makes a good case on this one.

@Jeggit Tbh, I’ve kept my distance from both of those accounts.

@arthurstramash @Jeggit Mckay has instigated a ‘reporting pile-on’ on Mr Malky in the past 24 hours, that’ll be another one.

@HighlanderMSP @Jeggit Really? Malky? Really bad look for a ‘journo’ to be acting like this.

@HighlanderMSP @arthurstramash @Jeggit I saw that new account of Pauline give McKay heads up and name Mr Malky. It came from her. 😡

@Jeggit @arthurstramash I'm totally fascinated with the outing of Marky Booth or whoever they were. Things didn't add up sometimes, but I didn't put anymore thought into it. Very strange. Good with the figures, I suppose that's all part of the confidence trick.

@Eleanor_Bennett @Jeggit @arthurstramash I unfollowed him a long time ago. Something was strange about him. What is the latest?

@Cal_ann @Jeggit @arthurstramash I'm not sure. People saying they've been taken in and upset. Prick, whoever he is.

@Cal_ann @Eleanor_Bennett @Jeggit @arthurstramash apparently the heat was getting too much and his account has nothing there, could have bolted. Was saying he was in hospital though would not post picture to one's asking, also, (wait for it) said he was in due to him making an attempt on his own life! I don't know what to believe with the whole saga though do hope the guy has support of some sort

@arthurstramash @Jeggit I must check Toot out, this is not a particularly great interface, but it’ll do. Great to see you btw Arthur, I had my gob truly smacked when I learned of your suspension.

@HighlanderMSP @arthurstramash Suppose we have to remember that Twitter was like this once.

@HighlanderMSP @Jeggit cheers Highlander. A ban is understandable if only you know why. But twitter support supplied zero info. Really poor show. Hopefully all new mastodons will create a short bio, similar to their Twitter ID.

@arthurstramash @Jeggit Indeed, must do a ditty later today. Blessings of the season to you & yours.

@HighlanderMSP @Jeggit Plenty of mastodon apps, btw. I’m trying to find the one most like Twitter to ease the transfer.

@HighlanderMSP @Jeggit Just download free or buy (paid version) and login with mastodon.social account details.

@arthurstramash @HighlanderMSP @Jeggit

If we all pile on to Mastodon and MeWe quickly, we can avoid the inevitable attack on us pro-indy rebels, and keep the communication flowing.

@crobertsonuk @arthurstramash @Jeggit

Using both PC browser client and Android web client. Both work well - though the bigger "real estate" of the PC browser helps.

@Ally_Bally_Bee @james_tweedie @crobertsonuk @arthurstramash @Jeggit I haven't found an android app - just saved the link to my home page. At the moment it's ok.

@Ally_Bally_Bee @crobertsonuk @arthurstramash @Jeggit

Android play - search mastodon

One I have been using is Subway Tooter - there are a couple more. Subway seemed to have best ratings when I originally searched for one.

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