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I started reading The kingdom of God is within you by Leo Tolstoy, and it's super interesting and terrifying. Non-resistance (by force) makes a lot of sense, but its implications are terrifying for what it means in practice in daily life.

but for real. i'd like to have a tea place that can serve you tea you've never tried before. that'd be cool.

i decided that if my career as a philosopher fails i want to start a café specializing in weird ass tea and coffee blends. do weird coffee blends exist? i don't know a thing about coffee. yet.

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grown-ups: did you ever have a friend and one of you got a pair of walkie talkies and you were all excited and then disappointed that you couldn't talk to each other from your respective homes but how awesome would it be if you could

also when was the last time you actually called a friend on your telephone

so do germans put frischkäse in everything or what

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adorno and horkheimer were right about schadenfreude in movies.

"haha, that guy cut off the other guy's ear for fun! hilarious!" is that the reaction I'm supposed to have?

By the way. I watched half of Reservoir Dogs a few days ago bc my friends said it was a great movie. But I didn't like it at all. Am I missing something, or do you really need to be a sadistic, racist fuck to enjoy it?

Not that I have a clear-cut answer or anything, let me get that straight. But there's a lot of things I know it's not. For example, forgiveness isn't reconciliation. You can forgive someone AND never want to see them again. It's also not saying that the harm is undone. It's also not saying that what they did is OK (quite the opposite, in fact).

people who are like "you don't need to forgive everything!!! some things are unforgivable!! so stop acting like i'll never be happy if i don't forgive the person who wronged me," might benefit from thinking about what forgiveness is.

sla uw slag nou toch!!

p.s. als een leuke jongen dit leest, mijn telefoonnummer staat erbij

By the way it's stupid that "attention whore" is even a term. I mean, we all like attention. Get the fuck over it already. There's nothing wrong with it.

i cant believe no one liked the poem i tweeted yesterday. don't y'all understand im a bitch for attention? an attention whore? give me fucking attention

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well! looks like I'll be going to Germany. in less than an hour and a half. why are things always so last minute

for someone who's had 2 years of German classes I sure know very little German