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apparently peeing in the sink is good for the environment. the more you know

When some people hear that I believe in the christian god they insist that I am a christian LMAOOOO

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Guys I'm trying to explain transgender stuff to someone and her relationship to gender is kind of weird. She said "I claim to be a woman because I was born like that". She fully cannot understand that fact that I "feel like I'm a man".
So now she wants to know... WHY I feel like I'm a man. I can't answer that, because I 'just' feel it.

Can any of you explain why you feel you're the gender you identify as? Both cis and trans answers welcomed.

Honestly I am so incredibly ready for Silent Planet's new album, and ESPECIALLY for the song about the treatment of LGBTQ people by the church. That song is going to be so incredibly controversial and I'm glad that they think us LGBTQ people matter enough to release the song and face the consequences.

"How can absence take my father's house? How can nothing take my daughter's life?"

Been studying Marx for hours today.. But I feel like I'm not at all being efficient. :'D

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i finished the essay on descartes.
Thought: possibly non-existent
I: possibly non-existent
Dick: possibly out

Or more generally, about the earth more than 10k years ago. I know little about that, too.

Anyone here know a good online video series or something to learn about evolution? I feel I'm not knowledgeable enough about it.

I suppose my Toots are pretty disappointing. Half of the time it's just me asking for information I can't figure out by myself.

But well, it's not exclusively that, so that's the good part.

For the record, I do know how to type in Japanese. Look. あああああああああああああああああああああああ (that's my mood today, and every day).

Does anyone know how you typeγ€Œ and 」?

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Scientists: AI will soon replace humans in many activities

Also AI:

I got kicked out of the seminar because I didn't make the reading questions, which I did TRY to make but I just didn't understand the text. I hear Foucault yelling in the distance. He is saying that I am currently experiencing punishment not for "breaking the rules", or "inability", but for "abnormality", which combines the two. Inability is breaking the rules.

For the record, the reason I want to know this is that I am writing an essay on why Descartes' "Cogito ergo sum" does not hold.

Guys I have a question about philosophy... Is every truth that is self-evident an analytic truth? I don't mean this as a discussion question, I want to know whether philosophers agree on this.

I probably shouldn't have tooted such a controversial thing when my internet connection has a lot of problems, but hey, I did it already.