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source: me, i'm always right

Here's a life lesson: you should stay away from people who think the Epic of Gilgamesh is a bad story. Having an opinion like that is not just a bad taste, it's in fact such a bad taste that it's ethically unacceptable. thanks.

does anyone know why the discussion around physicalism matter? I need to put it in the introduction of my essay.

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My wacom lives again, and by live I mean barely holding on.

Here's something quick I drew today

I'm trying to torrent a file and it's stuck at 99.7%.

Update: I didn't need the quotes after all. I think I need to drop an argument from my evaluation. Darn it. It was gonna be super complicated. I was gonna baffle my teacher with it and get a good grade.

me, just a little while ago: I'm never gonna manage to write a 2500-word essay!! that's way too much!!
me, now: what if i just quote a whole lot....

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Does a straw have one hole or two holes?


It occurs to me how addicting anime can really be. I haven't really dived deep into an anime in a LONG time, but recently I've been watching Scrapped Princess and man, it is a constant battle of "should I work on my essay or watch Scrapped Princess?"

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Being a philosopher means that you can pace around your room all day and still make great progress doing so.

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In online conversation, the best way not to run out of discussion topics is by writing each other a 2-page message once every two months. Believe me, I've been doing this with a guy for like a year and a half now.

For some reason, foreign people are like, physically incapable of spelling my name correctly.
I just exchanged two e-mails with a researcher. The first e-mail she started with "Dear Mauritis", the next with "Dear Mauritius".
And I haven't even started on how often people spell my name as "Maurtis".

Fuck it. My mind is exploding. I'll talk about the assignment with my teacher tomorrow and hope she can shed some light on what I should do.

guys it's the time i'm dreading. it's philosophy time

I'll start at 18:00. so get ready for me replying to y'all's Toots that you sent some days ago.

I did 8 out of 9 things on my to-do list today but I'm dreading working on philosophy SO MUCH

I know I said I'd take another look at Mary's Room yesterday, but I didn't have time. :( Plus I could really use a Sabbath today so expect me to pick it up again tomorrow

later today I wanna tweet something about Russel's clock. I'm tooting it already so I don't forget