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Maurits @Jellal

My goal for today is to learn all katakana. Wish me luck. :'D

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I was intending to learn only the reading of it, but I think I'll learn the writing too. I have trouble recognizing some fonts, and I think knowing how to write the kana will help me.

@mayuutann Thank you, but I think I'll use pen and paper to practice. I find it difficult to write on my smartphone. ;)

@Nightingalle whoa, you reached some old toots!

I did manage to learn them all in one day! though I think I've forgotten a few, since lately I haven't been practicing. I'm busy with other things.

@Jellal well good luck~maybe I can be of help(*´ω`*)anyway pleasure to meet you!

@Nightingalle a pleasure!
and thanks for your offer!! c: but lately I haven't been doing Japanese at all, since I'm so busy with philosophy. so I think I'll take a break from learning Japanese for now; maybe I'll return to it in a few months

@Jellal yeah no rush, language studies got to be continuous. Looking forward to more of your philosophic toots!