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The Hidden Power of Reward Systems In Design – very nice article that reminds us the good and the bad things about rewarding mechanism, as designers we should be aware of this and use with caution

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Bon ben c'est mon tour :) #JeChercheUnJob

Je suis:
- dev FOSS fullstack (venant du backend)
- python depuis 2008 (mais je m'adapte),+15.000 commits sur github, django avant la 1.0
- bonne base d'adminsys
- orienté résultat, pragmatique, autonome
- bosse seul comme en équipe

Je cherche
- plutôt des missions courtes
- télétravail ou sur Bruxelles
- CDI/CDD en mi-temps / 3-5 ème (plutôt remote)
- prêt à discuter si vous avez d'autres propositions :)
- bonus si FOSS

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will need the help of translators. If you have a little time for contributing, details are here:

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It looks like #PeerTube is actually working on moderation tools for v 1.1.0!

They have an alpha out, it's probably under-developed, but it looks like they intend to have something comprehensive by December.

It'd be nice if they had focused on this sooner, but seeing work get done on it gives me some hope and confidence in the project.

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Tomorrow we leave for IndieWebcamp in Nuremberg Germany. Any fediversians I can meet there? #indieweb

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I'm looking for some help with ensuring my information about e-books purchased from certain companies is correct.

Thinking specifically of:

- Books on Google Play
- iBooks and
- Nook Books

For the average consumer, is it possible to easily get hold of the book files themselves?

So, if a book from those shops is DRM-free, can the owner of that book get hold of the file itself to read on another device or not?

I've found conflicting info and would appreciate help.

Many many thanks,


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After months of hard work by our operations and marketing teams - we have an awesome new website! Check us out at - You can still pre-order our Librem 5 phones see for our latest update on our phones.

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Purism has an update on their progress with the Librem 5. If you're considering getting one, new information for you!

"Librem 5 general development report — October 15th, 2018 – Purism"

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As promised, version 1.0 of #PeerTube, a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning! #JoinPeerTube (article in English to come)

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We finally released #PeerTube v1!

Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools

Have a nice week 😋

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We've just released #Halcyon 2.1.2 with the following changes:
- Improved German translation (thanks @blub)
- Removed blocked and muted people from who to follow
- Added a lock icon at locked accounts like Mastodon does
- Optimized buttons order at list overview
- Added toot to @someone buttons to the profile pages
You can download the release from

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A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

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20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

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👉 Your dose of UX, UI and Front-End ressources is back: micro-interactions, accessibility and colors, horizontal scrolling, readability, inclusive design, modals, CSS grid, birthday forms fields, buttons in HTML, iOS icons scaling, design perception,...

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There's a Matrix hardfork in the works, which will be backed by a non-profit (unlike Matrix), called The Grid.

Nheko (a C++ client for Matrix) will be one the first clients to support the fork.
Mujx has currently ceased development on Nheko, and will resume + add support for Grid, if necessary, once Grid is ready.

Overview document:

(Non-Google link to the PDF, might be outdated:

You can join their Matrix room
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Great interview with @sir about Sway on the recent FLOSS Weekly 💪 Essential listening for anyone interested in, or seeking an introduction to, Wayland, wlroots and Sway 👍 🐧

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