I am very happy to be able to announce that i have received a grant from the NGI0 Discovery Fund to work on Hubzilla. This fund was established by NLnet @Funds privacy tech/open search with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme.


You can expect some exciting changes in regard to UI/UX in the course of the next 12 months. First thing on the list is to finalize the transition to zot6 and release Hubzilla 5.0 though :)

#Hubzilla #NLnet #NGI0 #EU

Our Fairphone 3+ is now available! πŸ“± πŸ™Œ

Our most #sustainable phone yet, with 40% recycled plastic! It comes with a 48MP camera and 16MP selfie camera, even better audio quality and Android 10.​

Check it out ➑️ : bit.ly/32rl0ak

#daretocare #changeisinyourhands

Today is a perfect day to financially support the makers of the open source software that you use.

People dedicate their lives to making the internet a place of sharing, freedom and compassion - often without any reward, and at times great personal cost.

Donate / support / order from someone you believe in today. Every dollar matters. We can help our friends eat, live and to ensure they can stay dedicated to their dreams.

/ Please share /

Hey Hackers !

Please, don't be shy. 😳

Repply to this toot and share your #liberapay #patreon or whatever account (if you have none, go get one) as we can all know about it and support your work at will !!! 😍 πŸ‘ πŸ€‘ 🀝

Also give us a hint about what you do !

Don't struggle guessing wether your work/hobby/passion is valuable or not, do it! You could be amazed ! πŸ˜‰

No judgment , just #LOVE ❀️

Boost it, add #hashtags ! Spread it !

#freesoftware #passion #hobby #work

Is there such a thing as a good post-90's #cyberpunk #anime?

Still running franchises that started before 2000 do not count, so no Ghost in the Shell sequels please.

I've just realized that Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis and Serial Experiments Lain are all pre-00's and it made me wonder.

Today, "Audible exclusive" means "a book you can only get on Audible." I want to sell so many audiobooks that publishers see a viable path to boycotting Audible, too, so that "Audible exclusive" means "for sale everywhere EXCEPT Audible."

I'm well on the way! My Kickstarter is about to hit the $100K mark after 48 hours. You can help me demonstrate the viability of an anti-monopoly way of doing audiobooks by backing it (and if you already have, THANK YOU!)



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In August, @peertube entered a new stage in the development of v3. The objective is to raise €60k so they can implement, (1) global search, (2) moderation, (3) plugins & playlists, and (4) live streaming, here's the roadmap: joinpeertube.org/roadmap/.

They already raised €37k which covers steps (1) and (2) and we're almost there for step (3) which is €40k.

Let's help build a decentralized alternative to . Please boost and, if possible, donate.

#PeerTube 2.4 is out!
Improved moderation tools, better playlist management, an annotations plugin and many more new features!
Check it all out here: joinpeertube.org/en_US/news#re

Question for my followers: does anybody know if there is an up to date dataset on #covid19 cases in the United Kingdom, per day and per age group?
The government and NHS sites don't seem to provide that data.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/Datagraver/ β€” #bot]

@charly Quoting form f-droid.org/donate

> Liberapay has lower fees but Open Collective allows more flexibility and transparency on how the funds are used. Both platforms allow for recurrent donations which are highly desirable for making F-Droid sustainable.

#Nostalgia #Retro #UI
Behold, the winamp skin museum!! Sometimes I do miss those all over the top designs to be honest, I feel like the only place where you still get those are in video games


Is there a place to buy mp3s of albums that I can download that isn't Amazon and also has a wider selection than Bandcamp? like, I want to buy some albums that are from popular artists who just aren't on Bandcamp but I also don't want to patronize Amazon if I can help it

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Raap me op πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/Dosty___/status/13

The A11ycasts series by Rob Dodson was definitely the most helpful starting point for me when learning how to do accessibility correctly. It lays out step-by-step how to actually install and use screen readers like VoiceOver and NVDA.

This is invaluable, because even with all the automated accessibility tooling out there, there's really nothing better than just using the app yourself and seeing if it's possible via sound and touch alone. youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNY

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New Pine Store (WIP pictures) with more payment options (Stripe) being built. We are, however, struggling with crypto payments (@BTCPayServer), since we haven't received a response from
Bitstamp as of today. We won't use Kraken - their form requires disclosure of private info.

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