Sadly, was discontinued but, thanks to the efforts of @tobias, it is being reincarnated as

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Thank you, Tobias. And thank you to the original anonymous person who created and maintained it until now.

Calling out to the Mastodon community again: famous @fdroidorg Repomaker is looking for a new maintainer (and contributors). Should be familiar with F-Droid, Python, Django.

Please help keeping it alive!

Volunteers go to – others please boost, as usual πŸ˜‰ Thanks!

#helpWanted #callingOut

The latest movie by Blender Animation Studio is so beautiful 😊 And I love that they host their own peertube instance.

Our new #DNS service is here!

LibreDNS: a public encrypted DNS service, that people can use to maintain secrecy of their dns traffic and bypass censorship. We already support "DNS over HTTPS" (#DoH) and DNS over TLS.

@mmarif @raboof Yup, we have just released the 1st beta of #mobilizon : (with a demo instance).

It's still a work in progress we plan to integrate #activityPub federation by the end of the year, and a full v1 release during 1st semester 2020.

@stevenroose There already is the possibility to create a #Liberapay account and collect donations.There's also the possibility to add a donation banner that links to Liberapay like we did on .And every Peertube content creator can link to their own Liberapay account in the video descriptions.I think that's the best solution.If Peertube instances start to embed tons of ads and trackers,why would they be better than Youtube then?

We redesigned albums and made a few more UI tweaks that will ship along with ComposeUI v4!

Shipping Soon πŸš€

In case you missed it over the weekend, I released a very easy to follow tutorial for building a chat app using Site.js. It’s also a good introduction to building both static and dynamic sites with Site.js.

Check it out here:

#sitejs #nodejs #websockets

DashboardFE (or #DashFE) is a third party webclient/frontend for pleroma/mastodon which design heavily inspires on the tumblr user dashboard interface. Currently in a WIP stage, it is being worked on a daily basis, but it's usable and you can give it a test drive in the following url

We're open to any and all user reports and suggestions, though we don't have yet a git developer page, we're always monitoring this account, so feel free to message us any time.

Follow this account to be notified when we post news and development progress on the project.

Excellent in-depth analysis from on why they invested in to support dev. If you have any trepidation about the impact of VC funding on the Matrix ecosystem, read this now:

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