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Is there a for completionist? I'm looking for a feature like that on opening keeps focus on the the last toot you read and lets read from that point on.

Question. Is it possible for GNU Social and Pleroma to see the no-index setting from Mastodon? I see my profile showing up on those networks. It's useless to no-index Mastodon if other server will publish the profile anyway. @kaniini or @dansup do you konw how this works?

feature idea: tab to explore local timeline from other instances. Pro's: Find new people, connect the communities. Con's: How to suggest instances, maybe from

is getting added to the Material Design Icons repo πŸŽ‰ "Due to changing times, we'll be adding this icon in the next release." cc @Gargron

and should be the default front end on some instances. I think that the columns layout is just to technical for some people.

@Gargron just wanted to say thank you. You made a incredible product and community The trending list wasn't bad imo. It does show that people care about Mastodon. Hope you can look back at it a few weeks and see why it flarred up like it did.

Is there a toot delete tool for ? Something to auto-delete toots after some period like

With the current growth there will be 1.000.000 accounts on in two week. Source: We need to come up with a soon πŸ€”

Question for the . How does the hashtag search work on Mastodon? Is it from all the connected instances, just your followed people instance or does it reach out into the fediverse?

on Hacker News again! Thank you for sharing your story @evelynjlamb. Didn't know there was an math instances xD

Hello Mastodon people, Mastodonians?, we are now over 650.000 strong πŸ‘‹ This great weird little corner of the internet is made by a really small team πŸ€– Take care or your creators and let's get the Mastodon team 1000 true fans on Patreon 😚 Support with what you can on

Let's beat the birdsite on ! Connect your and start funding great admins like @milan,,, @val, and others. Liberapay is and alternative: @Liberapay


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