One of my favorite things about old school Twitter was having a feed full of , , , and recs... If anyone feels like sharing what's making their eyes and ears happy these days, I'm totally here for that! 📚 🎧 🎬 🎨

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@JenaLeigh Movie wise deffo check out Happy Death Day. Saw it twice and laughed loads both times. Also Bad Mom's Christmas if you have a really dirty sense of humour.

@MooseyJake Happy Death Day! I was actually hoping to go see that next weekend. Glad to hear it was worthy of two viewings!

@JenaLeigh Totally worth it. I even added the Demi Lovato track from one of the scenes coz it ear-wormed me 😂

@JenaLeigh I read Feed by M. T. Anderson the other day and loved it. Every time I expected it to go a certain direction, it went another and was better than what I was hoping to read.

@ZachJenkins Oh, I hadn't heard about this one! Looks really interesting! Going to have to add it to the TBR list.

@JenaLeigh I also loved what I've been calling the Hippo books by Sarah Gailey (River of Teeth/Taste of Marrow). Really unique characters and plot. Great writing.

@ZachJenkins @JenaLeigh I loved them both so much on Kindle, I had to order real life books. Crossing my fingers for a third round of beloved hippos!

@LaurelC @JenaLeigh There's another book coming out next year. I was bummed to find out it's a collection of those two with a short story added instead of a whole new novella.

@JenaLeigh I am madly in love with Star Trek: Discovery. It's been just a great ride so far. The writing and acting just keep getting better.

Music wise, I'm very into the Taboo soundtrack for writing and gaming background sounds:

@drslay Love the atmospheric sound of the Taboo soundtrack. I'm always on the lookout for new music to listen to while I write and this is perfection! And you're the second person this week to tell me they're enjoying Discovery... Going to have to make time to check it out!

@JenaLeigh I burned through Season 2 of Stranger Things yesterday. I loved that they’re pushing out into the wider world. If you enjoyed Season 1, please try Season 2!

@LaurelC Currently in withdrawal as I wait for Season 3! Definitely my favorite Netflix original series so far. So much to love about that show!

@JenaLeigh Just picked up Neuromancer by William Gibson for the first time in 30 years. If you don't know it, it's the book that literally invented the term/genre Cyberpunk (and "cyberspace"). The writing is both taut and artful – and it's amazing how well it still holds up as SF today, despite being written before most people had home computers. An excellent book.

@JamesEGraham Read Neuromancer in college and it completely changed the way I viewed Sci-Fi. Past time for a reread, methinks... I can DEFINITELY second this suggestion! Such a great book!

@JenaLeigh Do you ever read graphic novels? There is a series called Dept H, kind of a Jacques Cousteau meets Agatha Christie. Can’t wait to find out who did it!

@LaurelC I've read the Sandman series and a bit of manga, but other than that I never really delved into graphic novels... Wasn't exactly sure where to start. But Jacques Cousteau meets Agatha Christie?? Count me in!

@JenaLeigh Love Sandman! Any Gaiman, really. Any specific manga to recommend?

@LaurelC I really enjoy Noragami and Horimiya, although I've fallen behind on both. I enjoy the Noragami manga just as much as its anime, and Horimiya (from what I've read so far) is funny and kind of adorable. 🙂 Are there any you would recommend?

@JenaLeigh I’m kind of a newb with manga. I’ve read Attack on Titan and was going to try some classics like Akira, Nausicaa and a sci FI I was recommended, Planetary. But I’ll look those up, thank you!

@JenaLeigh Just read the descriptions. Those sound awesome!

@JenaLeigh just finished "Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Very space opera

@JenaLeigh well anything by Simone Snaith honestly her writing is awesome! Unfiltered by Lily Collins is such an interesting read. Music wise it’s: Sumo Cyco, Picture This (slight bit obsessed lately tbh 🙈), Nikki Flores voice is AH-MAZING. I’m always looking forward new books/music!! Art: Jasmine Beckett, Selina Fenech if you’re into fantasy stuff...

@Kyrak SO MANY SHINY NEW THINGS! Yay. Can't wait to dig in to all of this!

movie: well I loved Thor Ragnarok so much saw it twice this weekend!
book: just finished rereading the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. My favorite books ever!
Music: cannot stop listening to the newest albums by Imelda May (Life Love Flesh Blood) and Thea Gilmore (The Counterweight) :)

@mythmoonwitch Looking forward to seeing the new Thor!! Excited to check out everything else you mentioned... And I ❤️ your avatar! Yay, Doctor Who!

@JenaLeigh I rarely see movies in the theater anymore, much less twice, but Thor was just that fun!! The director is fantastic & I would highly recommend his other films if you've not seen them. Thanks, been Doctor Who fan for over 30 years now :)

@JenaLeigh hello friendly stranger, my current favorite album is free/pwyw on bandcamp... and also my most recent film-i-love discovery was female-led angsty Korean actioner The Villainess!

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