@Jennyjinx I can't even express how much I hate people who donate to grifters. I hate them more than the grifters themselves.
Awhile back, it was for Andrew McCabe who was worth millions and wanted money for his defense even though he wasn't charged with anything.
He raised another fortune.

Meanwhile, you're going through actual shit cuz of an asshole. Llke so many others.

@TheXclass @Jennyjinx

It's insanity! They can't think of a better place to give their money? Like to the homeless? Like to organizations trying to help the people starving in Yemen?

@LadyReverb I love how Libertarians say 'Charity is better than taxes!' when GoFundMe promotes promotes poor people giving to rich. Tax these rich fucks now! @Jennyjinx

@LadyReverb @TheXclass Apparently the poor guy, a career FBI guy, lost his pension and will be unemployed until his tell-all is published. Won't someone think of the poor, put-upon FBI guy?

@Jennyjinx I doubt any of these assholes are worrying about how to reconcile a $300/week unemployment check against a $2500/month COBRA bill. Fuck anyone who donates cash money to them. @LadyReverb

@TheXclass @LadyReverb Or paying for an emergency with $0 in the bank. Glad they're taking care of the set guy though. That'll show those RWNJs.

@TheXclass Right. I can't afford an attorney to prevent the 24-7 emotional abuse heaped on my kid by Millie, but this FBI head honcho needs $300k

@Jennyjinx @TheXclass Why not say retire me as a millionaire? Cripes these idiots are abundant...

@Jennyjinx I hope reviewing the history of #Skyporgy cheered you up last night. I totally forgot how that started and I rolled out of bed with my sides hurting remembering.

@TheXclass Indeed. I lol'd hard. We got some serious haters due to our lingo. It was hilarious and so confusing. I miss that.

@Jennyjinx @TheXclass As a purely strategic matter of realpolitik, I can see the utility of opposing the Trumpists attacks against law enforcement officers that are investigating their führer and his cronies. But really, Strzok is widely known, widely supported, and now has a *huge* chunk of change to his name. I think I'll spend my effort on supporting less-known anarchist prisoners instead. Especially since Strzok was doubtless more affluent than most of the latter to start with.

@Jennyjinx @TheXclass And probably more affluent than *all* of the latter.

@blackcap It's cool to support public figures you like but If you're donating money to a fired FBI agent who has a severance package, healthcare, and many private sector gigs lined up instead of giving money to someone in need, that's an issue. @Jennyjinx

@TheXclass @Jennyjinx I see it as more opposing the hypocrisy of the right than supporting Strzok. Right-wingers claim to be pro-law-and-order, yet they cease to be the instant their führer is under investigation. And I'm not advocating giving more $ to Strzok; read my whole comment.

@blackcap The topic was about poor suckers giving their charity funds to rich grifters. Glad you oppose that. @Jennyjinx

@TheXclass @blackcap It's funnier when you consider no one really knows who set this up or if the money is even going to him. They see a GoFundMe for someone opposed to Trump and jump on it.

Wait a minute, X, I just had an idea...😹

@TheXclass "more than $15k in it's first hour". That's just foul. Holybshitballs, they're both high-powered attorneys and they need a GoFundMe. Fucking Christ.

@Jennyjinx Check my math but that first hour take would pay approximately 7500 Copays or a year's rent for a decent place. Maybe America isn't so broke - it just has putrid values.

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