turns out yoga is super hard when you're out of shape!?!?!?!??!?!?!

We are bathing Ollie for the first time today bc he is a stinkyboi. Pls keep my family in ur prayers

it's too hot to go near my cintiq...but I have to draw...

twitter gutting tweetbot's functionality sure makes the good elephant website more appealing

it's EXTREMELY satisfying to upload comics to my google drive and watch the buffer get a lil bigger

A character is bad with boundaries = me literally saying sexual harassment is okay 🙄

I already own poop.rodeo, an event that presumably happens once a year on piss.farm

Persona 5 spoilers 

When Akechi is all "we should wait until right before the deadline to send the calling card" and you're like "YOU SNEAKY FUCK I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO"

I wish some jerk hadn't spoiled the ending of P5 for me already be its colouring how I feel about certain characters already 😤

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