I want to watch Halloween and then go see Halloween. But I don't want to watch Halloween. Just Halloween and Halloween. Because Halloween is a reboot of Halloween, but Halloween is a sequel to Halloween. But it's not Halloween II, nor is it Halloween II.

A good snapshot of the Cyberpunk Social Club, our Discord emojis. Join us if any of these appeal to you. We are community. You're welcome. cyberpunksocial.club/

To be this good takes me lying about how good I am

every time you do something kind for a loved one or a stranger without expecting anything in return, you are rebelling against a rotten, anti-human order that wants you to view every element of your life as a ledger book. godspeed.

I hate the universe and also really don't want to clean my desk

Current status:

Michael Scott's tiny wall-mounted flatscreen television

I saw a clothing brand that had the slogan " the uniform of the free" and I had to use a spoon to dig my eyeballs out of the back of my head

Having just seen Predator for the 372nd time, I can once again confirm that it is indeed a perfect movie

13th anniversary with the SO. That's the luckiest anniversary!

Beautiful things are going to be made.

Let's save the world

The best part of the Captain Marvel trailer is that as far as I could tell her outfit did not have heels or wedges.

Well that and the grandma punch, obvs.

I use mostly free/open source software for my creative work because I can't afford the paid stuff and pirating them at this point in my life is just a reminder of my failures and how I can't afford them.

Also tons of FOSS stuff is rad.

Turns out just shoving a 5 inch display into an old Gear VR won't work, who could have possibly predicted.

I do wish hdmi driver boards for the overwhelming amount of replacement hi-res phone displays out there were more common though.

Somewhere in between those worlds I think I can find a viable and not too expensive solution for a somewhat compact and comfortable headset display for my DillyDeck. I'll just have to make it myself.

Whereas the "cheap" options for VR still almost always involve shoving a relatively expensive phone into some goggles, but VR headsets tend to be more focused on comfort and weight reduction because you can be sucked into the V-World Matrix for a lot longer than your tiny flying machine can last on batteries

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