Still trying to figure out the relevance of being in a certain instance vs. another. If I understand right, is "nothing specific, most people are here" and then is the one that's "nothing specific except we ban hate speech" ?


@malki there's also a .art and I'm like...should I be there instead?? It probably doesn't matter too much

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@JessFink I just registered @wondermark for posting comics. Once we all figure out what's going on here maybe there'll be a mass migration to one of the other instances?

@JessFink oh it didn't show up in text - that account is on mastodon dot art

@malki @JessFink Can't you cross-friend/follow from different instances? Like isn't that part of the thing?

@tommchenry @JessFink yeah as I understand it you can follow anyone you want (from any instance) but your master timeline of all users only shows the instance you're on, so if you want to see toots from strangers then you might want to be on the instance related to whatever subculture or group you prefer

@JessFink @tommchenry But maybe there will be a way in the future to also "follow" an entire instance so you can see the other timelines? like subscribing to different subreddits, kinda

@malki @JessFink @tommchenry I hope it's okay to barge in, but here is a handy diagram that I found helpful when I just joined up, if that's any use?

@cassolotl @malki @JessFink If that's accurate, then "doesn't show up in federated timeline" is self-perpetuating (because maybe few people find out about users there to follow them).

@varx That is kind of true? But not really. It only makes sense if "I saw them post something cool in the federated timeline" was the only way to find people. In reality people share their @username@instance on their Twitter, on their old Mastodon profile, in IMs to friends, in person when they say "hey are you on Mastodon?", etc.

Plus, it only takes one person on an instance following someone to get them into a federated timeline, and that can be because of a boost from a mutual on a third instance.

@cassolotl Yeah, agreed that it's not the only way. But it does make me a little sad about the prospect of running my own small instance and not benefiting from being part of that stream.

@varx Ahhh yeah, the federated timeline is a big plus on big instances! I really like the idea of ambassador bots, and small instances could follow a lot of those, to make the federated timelines more interesting, But not everyone likes ambassador bots! :S They're not an automatic feature.

@Gargron @JessFink @tommchenry weirdly though, I just registered @wondermark and somehow it had already followed a bunch of people? does an instance pre-follow people for you?

@malki @Gargron @JessFink @tommchenry @wondermark I believe it is now common for new accounts to automatically follow the instance administrators (and perhaps others that the admins designate), so that new arrivals aren't confronted with a blank timeline, and they're less likely to miss out on software maintenance notifications and such.

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