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Hi All! I post comicking tips on Twitter, and I figured this would be a good place to toot them as well.

I'm also on Mastodon at @Jesse_Hamm

@mariacfrantz Think of it as practice for all the cease & desist letters you'll have to send throughout your career. Your school is teaching you one final lesson!

Was gonna toot all my mastodon art, but apparently I haven't drawn very many mastodons. :'(

Here's an elephant.

Yes, we like to have fun here on Tooter dot com.

OK, @stevelieber proposed "toot storm" as the Mastodon equivalent of a twitter thread.

Here is a completely unrelated drawing that has nothing to do with toot storms.

An oldie I drew of Princess Eilonwy...

Now figuring out Mastodon...

Were this a video game I'd be getting killed right now.