My first notification here, my first "welcome" to this space, was trolling. Is this the best we can do?

@Gargron @katebowles @actualham @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer

Thinking of @holden's stream (@fgraver's raging river) and the garden. The stream/river clearly is wild, uncontrolled (from a user's perspective) whereas the garden is controlled, usually has boundaries, guidelines, order (energy put in to stave off entropy).

@Gargron @holden @katebowles @actualham @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer

Thinking about the benefits and pitfalls of both. How one treads differently in each and interacts differently within each environment.
They are different. Or at least they feel very to me at this point.

@Jessifer I'm sorry about that. I just checked and it's someone I blocked. I can't believe he's still sitting here just to troll our users, he hates Mastodon apparently.

@Gargron It's unfortunate but honestly your reaching out helps. I worry about more marginalized folks stepping out into a new space like this and encountering people like that as their first introduction.

@Jessifer We can definitely do better, but very nice to see @Gargron respond so quickly.

My experience was different; pehaps since my first significant exchanges were with @mahabali, @actualham and @Mweller :)

Stay and test it out; it seems on the whole like a promising place to be.

Welcome @Jessifer; very glad to see you here! And props to @Gargron and the great majority of the community for caring more than Twitter ever seemed to about *community*.

@Dan_Blick @Gargron Indeed. I think Twitter increasingly has a mass case of the bystander effect.

@Jessifer @Dan_Blick @Gargron Yeah.

In the "garden/stream" analogy, it seems twitter has become a raging flooded river, while this here is most definitely a garden (and a rather pleasant one at that). But the public timeline is there as a stream should one need it.

@fgraver @Gargron @Dan_Blick I wonder if scale is the only difference. Is this just a smaller town square with fewer people, or can we do something functionally different here that will scale? Not sure.

It is a space of possibility, but with a bit more history to draw upon.

@Jessifer @Gargron @Dan_Blick I'm not sure yet either, but it seems to me that with a non-commercial, open source space we have a chance to shape the environment to a far greater degree than with commercial social media.

I don't know anything about coding, but I do know about treating people with openness, honesty and respect, regardless of point of view. That too can be a contribution in shaping a space (I hope).

@Jessifer "Scale" is like a Level 3 trigger word for me due to its abuse in for-profit providing "turnkey solutions." Knowing you, you are using it differently. What do you mean in this context? @fgraver @Gargron @Dan_Blick

@harmonygritz @Jessifer @fgraver @Gargron @Dan_Blick For me "scale" and "open" are the puzzle. How to stay open and functional at the same time. Human bandwidth is what it is.

I keep saying "human scale" in my head, over many things. What is scaled to the human capacity to navigate, appreciate and solve? So, artisanal scale but with global reach, what is that?

@katebowles @Gargron @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer Thinking: my partner is a sculptor; he makes big sculptures. But "big" is always relative to a human viewer. He likes to play with scale (it's a word I hear in my house all the time in this different context), but there is always a sense of how the human eye/body/brain will interact with the piece. I feel like when we talk about "scale" in EdTech, we don't anchor conversations in how the scaled thing relates to a human user.

@actualham @Gargron @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer I think this when I'm in cathedrals, that were all built by human hand, stone by stone, but with a capacity to imagine that scale would represent something beyond human -- and yet within human reach.

The sculpture example is lovely, thanks for sharing that.

@actualham @Gargron @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer Oh I get that, that's exactly how scale works for me. The work that sculpture does to put you back into yourself.

@katebowles @Gargron @actualham @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer

Thinking of scale, this social community experiment, and the balance between an open/public space and one that is somewhat small yet, comfortable, safe, with colleagues.

@actualham @Gargron @katebowles @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @fgraver @Jessifer that is beautiful, & is a good metaphor for my reading the night's activity- I hear so much of the future conditional tense, but it is now. I wonder if ppl realise they are actually creating this now? Towns, tents, planning - someone will always build a train, but I'm quite enjoying the apple off the tree right now. too simple? I may be... is there room for both? have cake, eat it, & deliver it? (early morning thoughts)

@lauraritchie @actualham @Gargron @katebowles @Dan_Blick @harmonygritz @Jessifer That sculpture anaology makes me think of this: (early stage of working with a miniature in film)

Our perception of size is, in this case, more important than acutaly size - I'm very much on board with always keeping the human viewer at the centre of the discussion.

@Jessifer @Gargron so i was saying on facebook that it's interesting because i understand that this space was originally (dunno how long ago) a space for marginalized folks. I am sorry you got trolled Jesse but glad ur still here. Is it easier on people who go directly to others they know?

@Jessifer i usually manage to get in a "welcome from the public timeline" but i was momentarily distracted. Anyway, welcome!

@Jessifer Oh no. Hoping you stay & test it out. Let's of ed-tech folks here & you can take yourself off the public timeline.

@Jessifer I saw. That's awful, especially since this apparently has been a safe space for several.

This place has all kinds of possibility, but the norms of engagement still don't apparently exist.

I am very happy you're here.

@ShorterPearson I think the issue is that some of the "norms of engagement" from other platforms are migrating here. Feels important to create a new social contract that isn't based on assumptions dragged over from other platforms. Glad you're here too, Chuck.

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