One thing I will do here that I never did on Twitter is use the block button liberally from the start.

@Jessifer it doesn't feel like i'm not giving someone a chance, it feels like i'm blocking the same person as before on this new platform they've decided to also pollute. there's nothing new about the message.

@ibull In some ways, I feel like it's still the same people I remember from AOL chat forums. I'm not sure we've figured this whole internet thing out yet :)

@Jessifer Gramsci writes of 'Lorians' and 'Lorianism' to characterize a method by which a particular class of intellectuals use evidence and make claims about the world. "it is related to the poor organization of culture and, hence, absence of restraint and criticism"—as Buttigeig notes, a Lorian resembles "a misguided paleontologist whose misuse of empirical evidence leads to erroneous, even bizarre conclusions."
those i am inclined to block predate the internet. not just an internet problem.

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