@14prinsp [hugs] Thank you for this. "We live on the edges, quiet, and scared." So much bravery here.

Watching my own behavior with interest as I engage with a new platform. Noticing that I process "noise" differently here than I would on Twitter or Facebook. In fact, it's my inability to process "noise" here that makes me see things I might not otherwise see -- people I might not otherwise see. The disorientation is good for me, I think.

Hard to not feel excited by the happy slew of great folks I'm seeing in my notifications here ❤️

@daniellynds @ShorterPearson It's hard and necessary work to decide when lines have been crossed. The U.S. is currently as an entire country failing to do that with Trump :(

@lauraritchie @ShorterPearson @katebowles Hooray Apples and Cello. We'll definitely need both of those things at the block party :)

@ibull In some ways, I feel like it's still the same people I remember from AOL chat forums. I'm not sure we've figured this whole internet thing out yet :)

@ShorterPearson Such important questions. Going back to my house party metaphor, when I throw a party, I shouldn't have to ask people to leave. The community should form organically such that there just isn't space for the kind of behavior that would lead to blocking. Or, at the very least, none of us should have to individually hold the entire weight of asking people to leave when they do abuse the community.

Part of the reason I'm so seriously considering the prospect of a separate webspace for a Mastodon installation is the prospect of a space where you don't have to block.

Obviously, you don't want to allow people to troll or spew bile. But that should be a community standard. The whole community should stand against abusers, and we shouldn't have to block those abusers from our space.

How do we build a community where positive dialogue is an expectation, not just value-added? @Jessifer

@sim You should realize that an instance is my private property, just like your home is yours.

Trying to imagine this not as a public square but as a block party, an interconnected web of private house parties. I get to decide who I let into my party and who I ask to leave.

One thing I will do here that I never did on Twitter is use the block button liberally from the start.

@Triplefox It's something folks have been complaining about re: Twitter's blue checkmark -- that robust control of notifications is only available to a very small set of privileged users.

I like seeing something different at work here from the start.

@fgraver @Gargron @Dan_Blick I wonder if scale is the only difference. Is this just a smaller town square with fewer people, or can we do something functionally different here that will scale? Not sure.

It is a space of possibility, but with a bit more history to draw upon.

@ShorterPearson I think the issue is that some of the "norms of engagement" from other platforms are migrating here. Feels important to create a new social contract that isn't based on assumptions dragged over from other platforms. Glad you're here too, Chuck.

The ability to limit notification from people you don't follow or who don't follow you feels incredibly kind. I haven't checked those boxes yet, but knowing they're there is a comfort.

Functionally, it says let's introduce ourselves before we go full tilt into conversation.

@Dan_Blick @Gargron Indeed. I think Twitter increasingly has a mass case of the bystander effect.

@Gargron It's unfortunate but honestly your reaching out helps. I worry about more marginalized folks stepping out into a new space like this and encountering people like that as their first introduction.

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