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j e s s @Jessiscah

too many trans discussions on birdsite atm that i have subtle and probably vastly unpopular thoughts on lmao


Numenera was prettttty damp to start, but having gotten some way in to the Bloom (13 hours in), it's starting to pick up pace & feel like a proper (albeit still inferior) Planescape: Torment successor

@dcl ohh, didn't realize this. good on them

@tiphra aha!
and likewise - T2 is my most dearest game

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pawoo.net has reached 100k users, and is very close to passing mastodon.social to take second place in number of items posted. I'd been wondering which event would happen first. mstdn.io/media/NY0S6pQ-T3eoKy_

Curious: given the rapid & fast growing interest in Masto from Japan, are there any steps to involve japanese developers, community managers, etc in the project?
(beyond git threads about banning them for loli)

what pasta dish is violently nationalist while also believing in the need for a revolutionary working class? mastodon.social/media/X-mlkGzb

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@tiphra ahah! thank you for being the first to acknowledge this

@ezequien Thank you <3 I've ended up with a bit more than expected, so am on steady ground now n_n

THANK YOU evryone, I ended up with enough to get by for the next week or two.... big stress off of my shoulders. Thank you!!
<3 <3
(deleted toot so i don't end up siphoning anything from others in needd)

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morning, mastodon. whats tootin ! ?

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tired: "this machine kills fascists" sticker on your laptop
wired: "this machine kills fascists" sticker on your vibrator

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Boosts would be appreciated, as would anyone with spare change signing up to my Patreon:

I've put out 2 singles, 1 EP, and over 20 bonus songs on my Patreon since the start of 2017. And somehow I've lost $50 from several supporters.

Sooo, given my Patreon pays for insulin, anxiety meds, and for food in a country where everything costs a bomb, consider signing up. Rationing insulin due to poverty is pretty bad.



Singing "cheese is good/cheese is good" to the tune of The Shaman's Ebeneezer Goode every time I'm looking through the cheese section in the store

@Elizafox colored aviators complete -everything-