Added extract to my Sriracha to crank the heat from mild to nuclear 😋 🔥

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cave walls were the original deviantart

lol @ everyone flipping their lid when they learn John Swartzwelder is an old libertarian crank, like it's news or something.

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Sex workers have a right to demand better working conditions just as any other workers do, regardless of whether our labor is criminalized or not. It is not the fault of sex workers who speak out against abuse and exploitation that we are criminalized, and those claiming it is are just as much the enemies of sex workers as the radfems are. Building worker power begins by acknowledging the injustices done to us as workers, whether at the hands of police or pimps or yes even some clients.

My kidneys are failing and I really should switch to that herb being celebrated today.

Cleared out 1400 tabs and Firefox is performing much better.

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