Look at all the great stuff you Twexiters are missing out on

Honestly, the worst thing about Mastodon is its lack of Connor Southard

Elon Musk fans exist solely to keep Elon Musk from being the most garbage person in a story about Elon Musk.

I am strictly on this site to continue my flirtation with the @helldude

@Mosie Okay, this pic looks much better, and I'm more on board now.

If I haven't followed you back yet, send me a nude and I'll see if I recognize you.

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Sorry libs, “AR” actually stands for “Ayn Rand” and the “15” represents the age at which she and all other libertarians stop emotionally maturing

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Boost if your favorite thing in life is taking away free speech rights from gamers

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Gallant maintains avatar and username consistency so he can find his friends on a new social media platform!

Goofus sees his migration to a new social media platform as a perfect time to shake things up!

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@eweish1 just from a few posts, I got the impression some folks were frustrated that people were leaving twitter for here.

Like, if you want to use Twitter, use it. You want to come here, do it. You want to do both, cool. I can't even fathom having the emotional bandwidth to get upset over social media usage right now.

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Ten years in and we bone like we're cheating on each other WITH each other. A decade-plus and her clit/brown/taint-area still pOwns my dick.

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on twitter you scream into the abyss
on mastodon we're all hanging out in the abyss, screaming, in a supportive and comradely fashion

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Facebook: life is ok
Twitter: I want too die
Instagram: look at how cool my life is!!!
Mastodon: I love my friends, I have returned to an age of innocence

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on mastodon we are only going to do wholesome dunks

-bofa these arms around you in a hug, friend
-aldis cookies I baked for you
-wendys dog photos are sent

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fuck a cultivated aesthetic i'm throwin out faves and boosts indiscriminately.

a picture of your favorite rocking chair? fukn boosted.

a toot that's literally just the hammer and sickle emoji? hard fave

"i'm have die a rheea :((((" you best believe i'm boostin that shit

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