🎶 Take me away/ to the islets of Langerhans/ where the sun shines bright/ on a beta-cell renaissance... 🎶

(Okay, I can get an adequate idea of social/conversational French and Spanish too.)

Dealing with scanned documents in Turkish is reminding me exactly how much I appreciate having passing familiarity with Romance languages - I can get an okay idea of what's up in French or Spanish, and the gist of Italian and Portuguese (haven't tried any others). Or rather, I can do that with pesticide regulatory documents. Anything else...

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ironically liking things is so 2016
geniunely having a good time and liking stuff is what 2017 is about get with it babes

Masto folks! I'm looking for someone with astronomy knowledge to help me with a tattoo. Some drawing/art skill a plus! I will ofc pay you.

(Specifically, I want to lay out some constellations incl. relative magnitude, size, sky position... if you've got that, let's talk!)

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Mainstream society puts so much emphasis on filiative connections and they aren't inherently bad. But they also aren't inherently better than affiliative connections. Family and community is what you make it, and you don't owe ANYONE your time or love.

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retoot if ur a commie/anti-imperialist/leftist or if ur queer i need people to follow

honorable mention: lobster skin

(if we're including ones from other countries' regulations: lobster milk)

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I finally got a mobile Masto app so I can at least post more pictures and selfies... just have to remember to actually do it now. :P

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Just realized I forgot to link it on here! Check out this awesome firefly simulation. Great science communication! ncase.me/fireflies/

Update: they got slightly perturbed when I explained that the difference between mandarin, tangerine, minneola, and orange was important.

Exciting times in the life of Liz: gonna help interview a possible new translation company!

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New research on how kids from lower socio-economic status communities think about digital privacy. I’m not surprised these kids have a much more nuanced and powerful understanding of privacy than most in tech. They think of the lack of digital privacy as structural discrimination which is a far more powerful framework than the individual responsibility model everyone else uses. journals.sagepub.com/eprint/x5 (open access!)

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me, amidst coughing: "oh god I think I inhaled a gnat"
@JhoiraArtificer: "that's cannibalism!"

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