I feel like you can probably guess my age to the exact year if I tell you that I used to dress my "My Buddy" doll in backwards clothes because of Kriss Kross.

"What herbs work on memories?"
"Rosemary, to remember," the witch said.
"And to forget?"
The witch sat silent for a long time. "There are some," she said at last, "but they can be costly."
"How much?"
"Your self."
"That's cheap!"
"Then, let us talk."

If I decided to open up a Patreon to finance/motivate my continued work on Mastodon, would anyone be interested in that based on the work I already provided?

A young man came to the God of Exchanges, carrying broken dreams and a broken heart.
"What do you want for these?" asked the god.
"Nothing," said the young man.
"Very well," said the god.
The young man left, with no memory of having dreams or heart, broken or unbroken.

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Finally getting around to reading House of Leaves and Frankenstein. slow going with both, so far.

I just got Pajama Jeans, and eff the haters, they're fantastic.

The uber-viral children's song "Baby Shark" landed in the top 40 of the Billboard charts this week, years after it debuted on YouTube.

If you've always wondered what a sing-off between the Phillie Phanatic and Goofy would look like, "The Masked Singer" is about as close as you're going to get.

"I'm a black trans man. I've had people saying cruel, hateful things to me my entire life," professional boxer Patricio Manuel tells NPR. "People booing me — it's more about them than me."


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