Is brexit cancelled yet? Toronto is a bust. I want to go back to the UK

But I'm pretty sure the prick on this train has a set of speakers.

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I'm still unsure what compels people to think they don't need headphones on public transit

I'm so hungry

I asked my partner to make dinner and he didn't follow the directions so it's ruined.

We're getting divorced

I wish I had realised sooner, when I was in university, that the cost of freedom is the cost of tuition.

I love the Kon Mari method but the show is not good. There is a lack of compelling story telling with each family

Reading the stories that ASMRSurge posts with their videos brings me great joy

steroid medication, weight gain/loss, depression 

I want to do the trending 2009 to 2019 picture, but I'm having a hard time finding pictures of myself from early 2009.
I was severely depressed as my 3 year relationship was ending (badly), dealing with the after effects of coming off of steroid treatment after a particularly terrible flare of my arthritis (including the early stages of moon face changing my appearance and a decent amount of weight to lose)... basically I wasn't myself.

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What's more, people get *significantly* less productive and less good at their jobs as they work more. Why should we demand specialized workers like Doctors or Architects work 50, 60, or even 70-80 hours a week simply because its "always been done that way" and "they're paid well enough anyway" when the consequences of a mistake caused by overwork can be pretty significant, like with a surgical error or structural flaw in a building?

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Honestly, I don't feel that bad for being part of making an old white curmudgeon feel bad.

Based on what urban outfitters is selling right now, short baby doll dresses and bicycle shorts under are going to be in this summer

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The one thing that I know that it is good for me to do as a white person is to not have very many strong opinions on race and just follow the initiative of poc folks

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I know people call my thoughts on white American culture 'controversial', but it just is what it is.

White people are not motivated by fairness, healthy communities and cooperation. They just don't care. Not even about themselves.

Asking us who do to negotiate with this culture to find 'common ground' is like asking a drowning person to be patient and hope water stops killing them.

White Americans would rather die than cooperate. Attempting to 'negotiate' w/ insanity is pure fucking nonsense

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Whoever this person is, he is a great example of how white people like to appear EDGY by talking about socialism, equality, communism, etc, but when that view is tested, they instantly revert to the same bigoted fury as any other common racist.

Learn from his example.

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I have a vintage wallet and you can definitely tell how few cards people used to carry because there ARE NOT ENOUGH SLOTS

Literally heard the argument yesterday of 'you're not poor enough to be anti capitalist'. Like, what?

The Christmas tree in the local square is gone. Christmas is over. Winter's chill now looms with 0 reprieve until Spring.

When can I retire? I'm sick of work ruining 5 days of my week

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Retoot if you believe poly can be a positive and beautiful thing as long as there is proper communication and everyone is completely on board. I don’t see enough poly positivity online, and I wish there was more honestly

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