i think i hit my breaking point at work today.

(referring to a photo that stops at the top of the subject's thighs) "just photoshop her more leg"

also time for a complete Underworld rewatch as well, can never have too much Kate Beckinsale in leather fighting werewolves and vampires~

it's on US netflix and we're watching it and it's ridiculous love it so much. havent seen it in so long.

the movie Van Helsing is pretty much exactly my aesthetic, in case anyone was wondering.

a friend turned me on to hard seltzer which is dangerous cuz i looove seltzer

honestly this hands-free method of eating tootsie pops is A+

... my tootsie pop slid off its stick, so now the whole thing is in my mouth like a jawbreaker

i really hope having isabelle in smash spawns some new player-created game modes. like one person is isabelle and everyone else is fighting, but cant hit isabelle or you have to jump off the side, and isabelle is running around breaking up fights.

putting on new glasses always just serves to make me notice how dirty my old ones were lol

the one good thing about the temperature right now is that it is perfect for lying about naked to air dry after a shower

skeleton/skull (halloween decoration) 

the glitter catches in the eye sockets and makes it look like it's watching me~☠️

how do i learn to converse like an actual human and not an alien robot

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